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Jadian Zeiders: How I helped beat a gay man to death for masturbating in front of me

Jadian Zeiders
Pictured, Tampa, Florida woman, Jadian Zeiders and her gay victim,
Jadian Zeiders
Pictured, Tampa, Florida woman, Jadian Zeiders and her gay victim, William Denham Jr.

Jadian Zeiders a Tampa, Florida woman claims she helped beat an openly gay man to death because he masturbating in front of her. A gay hate crime?

Also joining the tabloid sweepstakes is 26 year old TampaFlorida woman, Jadian Sinead Zeiders who was arrested after allegedly participating in the murder of a man whom she claims had masturbated at her.

The incident which happened in January, involved Zeiders allegedly helping beat 53 year old social worker, William Denham Jr to death after the man allegedly ‘pleasured himself’ in front of her. 

The woman is now facing a charge of second degree murder.

A report via the Tampa Bay Times cited Jadian Zeiders telling police that Denham, who was openly gay, breaking into her back yard on January 14 and masturbating at her through the window.

Officers say she claimed to have hidden in her laundry room while Denham was in the yard, before two men living at the same address arrived home.

Zeiders then pointed Denham out to the two men, who began following him down the street.

An argument followed with a police report describing Denham lashing out, causing the men to allegedly attack in self-defense. 

The woman then claims a black man she didn’t know emerged from the bushes, kicked Denham in the head, and started going through his pockets.

Zeiders claims she watched the ambulance arrive, at which point the black man walked away and refused medical treatment.

But that’s not the story multiple witnesses gave to police, saying they had observed a woman and two men attack Denham as he was walking along the street as he made his way home.

An anonymous tipster also named Zeiders and the two men, who have not yet been identified publicly because they have not been arrested or charged. 

Jadian Zeiders
Jadian Zeiders accused Denham of breaking into her yard and masturbating at her, saying she pointed him out to two male companions, who then beat him. She denies involvement. Denhams body was found at this intersection in Tampa in January, close to his home.

Dan Kane, Denham’s life-long partner, believes the trio beat his companion to death after attempting to rob him and discovering he only had a few dollars in his pocket. At the time, Denham had stepped out to run to the local convenience store.

Kane dismissed the the masturbation story, saying it would have been completely out of character for Denham, especially considering his sexual orientation.

Kane described his partner as a a small-framed, openly gay, 53-year-old pacifist, while one of the deceased man’s three sisters, Maureen Tourigian, insisted her brother would have never attacked anyone.

Told the woman, ‘Anyone who knows him knows that, and that he never would expose himself to a woman. He wasn’t interested.’

A report via WTVT told of Denham being found clinging to life on the sidewalk after the assault. His groceries were laying next to his body.

Of note, Zeiders held previous convictions for heroin possession and failure to appear in court on a driving infraction charge.

Reflected Kane, Dehman’s partner of 30 years, ‘I don’t think they need the death penalty, but they do need to be in prison for a long time to think about what they did’.

Adding, ‘They’re a danger to the community and need to be off the street.’

Police say they have since identified two suspects in addition to Zeiders, but are still sifting through ‘conflicting information’.

Yet to be necessarily understood is if the attack on Denham was precipitated by his sexual orientation?

Zeiders remained in the Hillsborough County jail Tuesday in lieu of $100,000 bail.