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‘Our secret’ Christina Albini Catholic teacher pleads guilty to sex with 13 year old student

Christina Albini
Pictured, Windsor, Ontario school teacher, Christina Albini
Christina Albini
Pictured Ontario’s ‘Christ the King Catholic Elementary school teacher, Christina Albini as she left court on Monday. Screen shot.

Christina Albini Catholic school teacher pleads guilty to sex with 13 year old student in a plea deal sparing her onerous jail after sexually preying on a teen boy.

Also entering the ‘I’m a school teacher and had sex with one of my students’ sweepstakes is Windsor, Ontario elementary school teacher, Christina Marie Albini.

Appearing before a Canada court on Monday the 43 year old Catholic school teacher at ‘Christ the King’ school pleaded guilty to sexual interference. Define sexual interference? Define rape?

In a plea, other charges against the woman, including sexual assault, luring, possessing and accessing child pornography and making sexually explicit material available to a child under the age of 16 were withdrawn.

According to the windsorstar, Albini now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in jail. Of note, the woman’s lawyer, Patrick Ducharme declined to say if he will make a bid for Albini to serve her sentence on house arrest.

During the hearing, the court heard how Albini would pick up the boy in her purple Dodge Challenger and take him back to her South Windsor home for sex. Having bought her victim a cellphone, the pair exchanged explicit messages along with arranging rendezvous. At the time the boy had been instructed to hide the cellphone from his parents.  

Assistant Crown attorney Eric Costaris described how Albini came to be arrested on July 18, 2016 after the victim’s mother discovered the cellphone. Looking through it, the boy’s mom found sexually explicit messages sent through What’sApp and Kik.

The woman called police and Albini was arrested the same day. 

In the messages, Albini was simply ‘Chris.’

In one message, Albini referred to going to yoga. She sent nude photos of herself from the studio. Police got records from the business which showed Albini would have been in attendance that day.

Police found receipts for items Albini purchased for the boy. In addition to the secret cellphone, she bought him an Xbox, a bracelet and clothes.

Christina Albini
Pictured, Windsor, Ontario school teacher, Christina Albini

During investigations, the boy was able to describe the interior of Albini’s home, telling cops how Albini would pick him up around the corner from his house not to raise suspicions.

The boy told how the teacher Albini promised to ‘be quick and have him back before his mother gets home’.

The boy told police Albini befriended him in July 2015 when he was in Grade 7. The boy told how at first he saw Albini as a ‘mother figure’. 

Shortly after the pair were ‘professing’ their love for each other and exchanging sexually explicit messages along with physical trysts. Their first sexual encounter involved oral sex in Albini’s home in February 2016. At the time the boy was only 13.

Leading into Monday’s court appearance, Albini still had a valid teaching licence until two weeks ago. Her licence was suspended April 19 for non-payment of fees.

Christina Albini
Pictured Windsor Catholic teacher, Christina Marie Albini as she left court on Monday after pleading guilty to sexual interference.

After her arrest and suspension from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, a justice of the peace imposed bail conditions preempting Albini working as a teacher, including barring the woman from attending schools or any other place with children under the age of 16.

Albini was also barred from being employed or doing volunteer work where she is in a position of trust or authority towards children under the age of 16.

Responding to Monday’s guilty plea, the College of Teachers, the licensing body for teachers in the province, indicated that they would begin disciplinary proceedings against Albini told spokesman Brian Jamieson via the Windsor Star.

The college made a note on its website about Albini’s bail conditions, but suspended disciplinary proceedings pending a court decision, Jamieson said.

In the interim, Ontario court Justice Micheline Rawlins ordered a background report on Albini pending her June 28 sentencing. Albini has already provided the court with a medical report and a booklet of character reference letters.

Yet to be necessarily understood is what led to the woman targeting and sexually preying on the minor…