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Rachael Hilyard: Why I decapitated my ex boyfriend’s mother

Rachael Hilyard
Pictured, Wichita, Kansas woman, Rachael Hilyard, who is accused of decapitating her ex boyfriend's mother,
Rachael Hilyard
Pictured, Wichita, Kansas woman, Rachael Hilyard, who is accused of decapitating her ex boyfriend’s mother, Micki Davis.

Rachael Hilyard: What led to a Wichita, Kansas woman decapitating her ex boyfriend’s mother? A history of substance abuse and Facebook posts referencing madness. 

Rachael Christina Halyard a 35 year old Wichita, Kansas woman has been arrested after allegedly decapitating her ex boyfriend’s mother.

Discovery of Micki Davis’ body came whilst the 63 year old woman had gone to run errands with her 9 year old grandson.

Upon the discovery of the grandmother’s body at a local garage, Hilyward was arrested on suspicion of first degree murder Sunday.

At the time of the murder, circa Sunday afternoon, April 9, Davis and her grandson had gone over to pick up some of her son’s belongings from Hilyard, an ex-girlfriend who used to date the son, reported the The Daily Haze

During a press conference, Wichita police lieutenant Todd Ojile said shortly after Davis and her grandson arrived, Hilyard began viciously assaulting the grandmother in front of the nine-year-old boy, who fled in terror. 

From there the boy managed to grab a phone from his grandmother’s truck, and called police around 1.30pm, police said.

Responding police found the grandson on his own nearly half a mile away, with the boy leading them back to point out the house he’d fled from.

When nobody answered the door, officers checked the home’s attached garage where upon they discovered the decapitated body of Micki Davis.

Police said Davis had been decapitated with some kind of knife, with no other injuries immediately apparent. 

Cops found Hilyard hiding inside the residence and took her into custody reported ksn.

Upon the ex girlfriend’s arrest, police declined to speculate on a motive for the murder of Hilyard’s former boyfriend’s mother.

Rachael Hilyard
Pictured, Micki Davis and Wichita, Kansas woman,

Of note, a report via the dailymail tells of Hilyard making a series of incongruent posts on Facebook referencing serial murder and beheadings in the days prior. 

‘Well this is how it feels to be insane. & i must say that i don’t like it,’ she wrote one week before Davis was killed. 

‘They can try to cut my head off,’ she wrote in verse on Wednesday evening, ‘But what im sure/They don’t know/Is that i knew more than you.’

Read an April 6 post:‘Dear GOD
In the cloud
Please dont let them cut my head off
any more
or ever
for that matter.
I jus dont like it

please don’t hurt me anymore’.

Read another post the woman had written after one midnight, ‘Well my Psychopathic Serial Killers for beginners in training class is over for the day….”whew” now for homework time or what kids?’ 

While another post an hour later read, Please don’t let them cut my head off’. 

An April 1st post read, ‘Well this is how it feels to be insane. & i must say that i don’t like it’. 

Rachael Hilyard
Image via Rachael Hilyard Facebook
Rachael Hilyard
Rachael Hilyard Facebook page.

Of note, Hilyard had been in a car crash several years ago that left her with brain injuries, according to friends of the woman cited by The Daily Haze

Most who knew Hilyard told the media outlet that they could not believe what she had done, saying the woman was very kind, but also had ‘issues.’ Hilyard allegedly had issues with being alone, and at times ‘loved too much.’ There were allegedly some violent episodes between Hilyard and some of her ex-boyfriends.

Hilyard according to court records also had substance abuse issues with drugs, specifically methamphetamine and heroin. Hilyard had been arrested in 2013 for four possession charges. Hilyard was on Community Corrections from September 2013 through May 2015 for the possession charges.

Court records also showed Hilyard faced separate pending charges of trespassing, assault, obstruction, and trespassing in connection with unknown circumstances.

Wrote Jen Wade, Hilyard’s former roommate in a recent facebook post upon news of the murder, ‘Seriously troubled woman’,

‘She had some serious mental issues going on, and I tried to reach out to her recently. I hope she gets help. So sad.’

Rachael Hilyard remains in custody pending $200,000 bail for the murder charge. Wichita police had planned to present the case to Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office Tuesday or Wednesday.

Rachael Hilyard
Rachael Hilyard Facebook page.
Rachael Hilyard
Pictured, Rachael Hilyard. Previous police bookings.
Rachael Hilyard
Rachael Hilyard