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‘I’m not a bixch’ Ana Becerra is the woman who Louis Tomlinson punched

Ana Becerra Louis Tomlinson
Pictured Louis Tomlinson and Ana Becerra who is now accusing the One Direction singer of punching her in the face.

Ana Becerra Louis Tomlinson airport scuffle: A One Direction fan has found the center of social media criticism and death threats after a Friday incident. 

Ana Becerra a 22 year old Californian woman has found herself in the center of a social media maelstrom after an alleged scuffle at LAX airport involving One Direction singer, Louis Tomlinson.

Now the target of trending social media memes, #WeSupportLouis, Becerra has come forward to tell her side of things after accusing Louis of assaulting her over the weekend.

The drama comes after Becerra took out her cellphone to film an argument that Tomlinson was having with a photographer who had sought to take pictures of the singing sensation and his 24 year old girlfriend, Eleanor Calder after having landed. 

The incident claims Becerra via the dailymail led to her being left with a cut face after being punched at during the ensuing altercation after an enraged Tomlinson sought to stop Becerra from documenting his run in with the paparazzi.

Responding to the run in and the barrage of threats from One Direction supporters, Becerra has tweeted that Tomlinson is an adequate father, unfaithful in previous relationships along with a drug user, as well as adding, ‘And now he beats women’.

That of course is not the way supporters of the One Direction singer see it, with fans saying Tomlinson and his girlfriend are the real victims, with with one witness telling the tabloid that Louis’ girlfriend was hit in the face and throat by a gang of girls.

Tweeted Becerra in response to claims that she instigated matters: ‘I’m a b***h for getting hit by a celebrity? Literally I hit my head on the ground a little bit harder I could have an cerebral haemorrhage.

Adding: ‘#WeSupportLouis is actually trending he abused a girl!! I COULD HAVE SERIOUSLY DIED’. 

Becerra has since told of receiving death threats from One Direction fans, including one social media user who wrote, Find a place where you can hide cause we will kill u’. 

The flare up on social media comes as new video only released Sunday night shows the fracas that took place Friday night which saw Tomlinson detained by police before being released later that night. The entertainer has since been remanded to appear in court next month where he faces a ‘misdemeanor’ charge which carries the maximum sentence of six months imprisonment for first-time offender.

The film of the brawl first shows Louis trying to push away the camera of a prying paparazzo, only to fall to the ground with the photographer, since identified as Karl Larsen

From there, Tomlinson rushes to the aid of his girlfriend after the woman suddenly becomes embroiled with three other women, including Becerra.

Yelling ‘what the hell is happening’, the UK singer runs to the corner of the baggage hall where Eleanor is seen wrestling with Becerra.

Giving her version of events Miss Becerra said: ‘A girl goes up to me and grabs my phone because she thinks I am filming her boyfriend harassing a person, I want the phone back so I follow her and she backs into a corner.

‘She hides the phone back so I follow her and she backs into a corner and when I finally get it her psycho ass boyfriends (sic) grabs me and makes me fall and I grabbed the girls shirt trying not to fall, and we land on the ground where the boyfriend punches me in the eye and when he stands up he knees me in the stomach.’

At the time of the assault, Becerra who was photographed outside the airport with a cut eye said: ‘Yeah I’m going to press charges. The guy socked me. He’s going to go to jail. The guy just grabbed me and threw me to the floor and he socked me and that’s it.’

A witness has since told the dailymail what they believe transpired: ‘I heard something crash so I looked over and I saw Eleanor trying to get between three girls.

‘Two of them were holding phones up and she put her hands over her face.

‘I heard, “Could you stop f***ing filming me please.”

‘She exaggerated the please so she asked politely. One girl laughed and said: “No bitch!”

According to the witness, Calder tried to move around the three girls but tripped over.

She was unable to regain her balance and the three girls pushed her down.

The bystander added: ‘I saw Eleanor’s hands go straight to her face to stop the punches that were coming.

‘One girl punched her below the hands and hit her chin and throat.’

It was at this point Tomlinson got involved.

He allegedly said: ‘What the hell is going on! Can we get some help please?’ before running over to the assistance of his girlfriend. 

Reacting to the fracas, celebrity lawyer Martin Singer issued a statement saying: ‘The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis at the airport this morning. This is not the first or last time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity.

‘While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during this incident and he came to her defense.’ 

In the interim, Ana Becerra maintains her innocence and the claim that she is the real victim as the One Direction fan gleefully suddenly finds herself becoming her own tabloid sensation.

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