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Vincente Fuillerat: How I killed my soon to be ex wife and her lesbian lover and self

Vincente Fuillerat
Pictured the home of Vincente Fuillerat
Vincente Fuillerat
Pictured the home of Samara Routenberg whose Brandon home Vincente Fuillerat entered and killed his estranged wife, Lisa Fuillerat and her lover, Samara.

Vincente Fuillerat an estranged Brandon, Florida husband murders his soon to be ex wife, Lisa Fuillerat and her girlfriend, Samara Routenberg in a double murder suicide.

Vincente Fuillerat a 53 year old Brandon, Florida man has died after shooting dead his soon to be ex wife, the woman’s lesbian lover before turning his gun on himself in a double murder suicide

Killed at the hands of the husband was Fuillerat’s former wife, Lisa Fuillerat, 51 and her girlfriend, Samara Routenberg, 39.

The shooting told Brandon cops happened Friday morning, citing a love triangle fueling the estranged husband, with the soon to be ex wife first filing for divorce in 2015.

Tampa Bay Times reported Fuillerat entering Routenberg’s ‘picturesque’ Hillsborough County home at 6.30am armed with a shotgun while wearing a bulletproof vest.

In turn, Routenberg and her partner, Fuillerat who had anticipated a possible attack, armed themselves with guns and started shooting at Fuillerat after he smashed through the sliding class door. Vincente’s entry into the home was captured on home surveillance video.

Because he was wearing the vest, Vincente Fuillerat survived the shootout despite being hit twice. The husband would end his life in the home later.

A report via ABC Action News told of the man dying with a note pinned to his vest.

To date, investigators declined to disclose the contents of the note.

The women, told investigators died as a consequence of suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

Notice of the double murder and suicide came Friday afternoon during a welfare check after the two slain women failed to turn up to their place of work and a scheduled court appearance.

Told Sheriff’s Office Col. Donna Luscynski during a press conference, ‘This was a pre-planned event,’

Adding: ‘He came here with the intent to murder both of these victims. They were overpowered by him and his rounds.’

The women both worked at Lake Gibson Middle School in Polk County. Lisa Dawn Fuillerat was a sixth grade math teacher and Routenberg was an assistant principal. 

Vincente Fuillerat
Pictured, estranged Brandon husband, Vincente Fuillerat who murdered his soon to be ex wife and her girlfriend.

Prior to Friday’s shootout, Lisa Fuillerat had accused her husband of stalking her and her lover with Routenberg petitioning Hillsborough County Court for protection from repeat violence.

HCSO also said a domestic violence injunction had been obtained against Vicente Fuillerat, but it was not made permanent and was not current. Detectives say Fuillerat and her lover feared what the estranged husband might do next.

The Fuillerats were scheduled to appear in court Friday afternoon to continue divorce proceedings.

A report via Bay News 9 told of Vincente Fuillerat being charged with burglary and aggravated battery in 2015 and having been on probation for 36 months.

Polk County superintendent Jacqueline M. Byrd described the women as dedicated educators and positive role models.

‘We are shocked and heartbroken today by this tragic news,’ she said in a prepared statement. ‘The loss that we feel is very difficult to put into words.’

Vincente Fuillerat
Pictured, Lake Gibson Middle School where Vincente Fuillerat’s victims, Lisa Fuillerat and Samara Routenberg worked.

Offered Lake Gibson Middle School principal Alain Douge in a statement: ‘The deaths of Samara and Lisa have left us absolutely devastated. 

‘A school is like a large extended family. Samara and Lisa were loving members of the Lake Gibson Middle family. They were committed to helping students grow in knowledge and character.

‘Samara was an assistant principal who was hardworking and very intelligent. She oversaw the guidance department. She was kind and caring to students and fellow colleagues. 

‘Lisa was a skilled teacher who would find ways to help her students struggling to understand complex mathematical problems.

‘She was incredible in the classroom. Her students loved her very much, and her passion for education was obvious to anyone who knew her. They will be greatly missed, and we pray for their loved ones.’

Vincente Fuillerat
The Hillsborough County home where Vincente Fuillerat murdered his estranged wife, Lisa and her girlfriend.

Told attorney Melissa A. Wilson, who represented Lisa Fuillerat and Samara Routenberg, in an issued statement via FOX 13 News:

“It is a terrible tragedy that has occurred. Both Lisa, and Samara, who I represented in the injunction case against Mr. Fuillerat, were intelligent and gracious women. They were both afraid something like this might transpire. The incredible strength and bravery displayed by them, in what has been reported as their final moments, speaks volumes about them. It was clear throughout the process that Mr. Fuillerat was having difficulty accepting the separation and divorce proceedings.’

Contemplated Mo Venouziou, spokesman for Community Action Stops Abuse, a domestic violence center: ‘When someone is trying to leave, that can be some of the most dangerous times for them, when things can escalate,’

‘Domestic violence at its heart is really about one person trying to exert power and control over another and when they feel they are losing that control, it makes them angrier and makes them more dangerous. I would encourage men and women who are survivors of domestic violence to call a domestic violence center well before it gets to this point.’

Offered Amanda ‘Mandy’ Fuillerat, the eldest of two children of the former husband and wife: ‘My parents separated a few years ago and because of certain events, there has been a lot of strain and tension, but she cared about me and my brother. . . . Before they separated I was close with both of them. . . . After a time I became closer to my dad.’

The Fuillerats are survived by their two adult children, Amanda, a 26 year old tutor at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and Vincent Michael, 24, a student at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The former couple would have been married for 28 years this year.