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India Kirksey: How I videotaped myself raping my 4 year old son

India Kirksey
India Kirksey
Pictured, West Price Hill, Ohio woman who was arrested for performing oral sex on her four year old son and then posting it on Periscope.

What led to India Kirksey a West Price Hill, Hamilton County, Ohio woman raping a four year old boy and then posting it on live-stream app, Periscope?

India Kirksey a 20 year old Hamilton CountyCincinnati, Ohio woman has been arrested after allegedly live streaming the rape of her four year old son on Periscope.

Upon her arrest, the West Price Hill woman was charged with felony rape after allegedly performing oral sex on the toddler boy. 

The incident is said to have occurred on January 4, with the woman recording the incident on video before then posting the recording to the Periscope live streaming app, catching the attention of a person in Texas who alerted the Department of Job and Family Services (JFS) in Ohio., according to WCPO.

Details on the case have been sealed due to the sensitive nature of the crime, with a Hamilton County clerk entry noting that Kirksey was being held in jail on a $350,000 bond.

A relative to Kirksey urged the public to refrain from rushing to judgement.

The unidentified family member said that Kirksey has special needs, and that what she’s accused of is ‘not something she would do.’

Reiterated the family member: We as family try to do the best we can to get her therapy and talk to her, maintain her safety, but sometimes you can only do so much,’

‘This is not her character. It’s not nothing that she would do. I know that she is being portrayed as a monster’.

Adding: ‘Pray for the victim and pray for the family that had to be behind something like this and pray for her’.

Cincinatti.com reports that Kirksey allegedly confessed to performing oral sex on the child under questioning.

Of note, Kirksey’s arrest comes just a week after she posted two videos (see below) on youtube according to the mirror of her twerking to music.

In the videos she is in a bedroom, wearing small denim shorts and a white vest, as she dances for the camera while a child can be heard crying in the background.

Kirksey has yet to enter a plea and it was unclear Thursday if she had retained legal counsel.

Yet to be understood is how the mentally unhinged woman came to be around children….

India Kirksey
Pictured India Kirksey. Image via youtube.
India Kirksey
Pictured, India Kirksey. Image via Hamilton County Justice Center.