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Henry Sembdner 12 year old boy beaten into coma by 14 year old classmate after accidentally bumping him.

Henry Sembdner,
Pictured student, Henry Sembdner who was violently beaten by a fellow classmate.
Henry Sembdner,
Pictured Kenyon Woods Middle School student, Henry Sembdner who was violently beaten by a fellow classmate.

How did Henry Sembdner a 12 year old Kenyon Woods Middle school student come to beaten so violently at the hands of a 14 year old classmate? Who bears culpability? 

A 14 year old Kenyon Woods Middle school student who beat fellow 12 year old classmate, Henry Sembdner into a coma has been assigned a public defender and put on electric home monitoring after criminal charges were made. 

Appearing at a Kane CountyChicago juvenile court on Tuesday with his parents the boy was ordered not to leave home other than when he goes to school and was also required to have an evaluation by a diagnostics center.

The mandates come after the youth was charged with felony aggravated battery and two counts of misdemeanor battery reports CBS News after attacking the sixth grade boy in a school hallway February 3rd, rendering the boy unconscious.

The savage assault came after the 12 year old boy accidentally bumped into the older boy between classes.

The eight grader has since been taken out of the middle school he’d been attending and placed into another program.

District Spokeswoman Mary Fergus said the new school was ‘providing educational services for the student.’

ABC7 told of Sembdner, a South Elgin local suffering multiple facial fractures and bleeding on the brain after being body slammed by his classmate.  He was in a medically-induced coma for about three days before his breathing tube was removed and he was sent home on Feb. 7.

The Sembdner family’s attorney, Lance Northcutt, has already met with school officials to arrange Henry’s return to class. He said the boy hopes to be back at school by St. Patrick’s day in March.

Nevertheless the victim’s parents continue to express reservations about the son’s aggressor.

Told the family attorney: ‘His parents, certainly they’re angry and upset about what happened to Henry, but they’re also sympathetic to the extent that there is a young kid out there who clearly has struggles of his own,’

‘We’re hoping that through this process those struggles get addressed.’

The boy who attacked Henry could face up to five years in a juvenile detention if convicted.

At present it isn’t necessarily understood to what extent the two boys knew each other and whether there had been other previous run ins and what led to the 14 year old boy so violently reacting to the perceived slight….

Others also wondered to what degree family discord affected the 14 year old boy, while others wondered if the school had at any point been aware of the child’s behavior issues and sought to offer guidance? Others have also wondered whether the school bears culpability for the injuries Henry Sembdner suffered and whether the school ought to have done more to protect the violently injured boy….

Henry Sembdner
Pictured beating victim, Henry Sembdner.
Henry Sembdner
Henry Sembdner