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Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer: How I made the perfect vagina for 400 women

Dr AmirDr Marashi Vagina Whisperer
Pictured, Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer.
Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer
Pictured, Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer.

Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer: Fulfilling the expanding desire of women seeking the ultimate designer vagina as even younger women demand perfection. 

In hot demand in certain NYC circles is cosmetic surgeon Dr Amir Marashi (otherwise known as VW or the ‘vagina whisperer’ by his staff …) who specializes in the indelible craft of creating the perfect vagina.

Having performed vaginoplasty on no less than 400 women (and rising thanks), the surgeon demurely concedes demand for his services isn’t about to wane any time soon. In fact it continues to boom.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 5,070 women underwent the procedure in 2013 and 7,535 in 2014.

As of 2015, that figure was estimated to have risen to around 8,745 women.

Holding the first ever vagina showcase (why not?) to reveal the ‘perfect’ look for women, the cosmetic gynecologist told reporters his Brooklyn office was the ‘house of designer vaginas’ where rich women spend thousands to get the privates that they desire.

Asked about the range of clients, Marashi reveals his clients are basketball wives and singers, not singers you would know like Shakira and Beyoncé, but backup singers’.

Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer designer vagina
Dr Amir Marashi Vagina Whisperer designer vagina

Writing in the New York Post, Kase Wickman, who attended the showcase said the doctor performs between 80 and 100 cosmetic procedures every year – including vaginal tightening, labia surgery and boosting the G-spot.

She wrote: ‘He can take into account preferences for shape and color, he explains, and boost your self-confidence and physicality to give you the best sex you’ve ever had with more orgasms than you’ve ever dreamed of.

She adds: ‘He texts with his patients regularly, checking up on them post-op. He’s been doing this work for a long time and believes he’s making women’s lives more comfortable, happier.

‘One reason a woman might choose to get her labia shortened, he says, is to make riding a bicycle less harrowing.’

Dr Marashi has built new hymens for women to prove their virginity on wedding nights and has performed two clitoral reconstructions for victims of genital mutilation.

The doctor also provides women with the non-surgical procedure to tighten the vagina, using a laser treatment called FemiLift.

Three of the surgeon’s satisfied customers gave testimonials on his behalf at the showcase.

Kase writes: ‘A 46-year-old mother of three, dressed nicely in a blazer and slacks, says she’s had ‘numerous procedures’ with Marashi, ‘almost everything,’ and calls it ‘the best decision we ever made.’ She loops her arm through Marashi’s as she speaks, sounding heartfelt: ‘He’s like family.’ 

“She asks us to excuse her if she’s being vulgar, but that she’s now told that ‘I have a double p: a pretty p****.’ Another thing she has: a child who was born weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces, and, recently, orgasms during intercourse, for the first time. “Thanks,’ she says, turning to Marashi with a smile.’

Another 27-year-old patient reveals she had her first vaginal surgery at 20, then again at 24, but came to Doctor Marashi because she was unhappy with the other surgeon’s work.

She said that before the op she was afraid to wear a bikini at her apartment’s rooftop pool but added: ‘I wish it was summer … I’m going to go to all the nude beaches possible.’

Since Dr Marashi first began performing vaginal surgeries six years ago, he says particularly more younger women seem to want the surgery.

One reason is that the subject is becoming less taboo as more and more celebrities show off their ‘designer vaginas’, including British model Katie Price and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville tells the plastic surgeon via the dailymail.

However, because of this celebrity rise, explains the doctor, younger women see the procedure as a type of fashion statement.

‘I always make sure they know that it’s not something that they need but something that they want. I don’t want to just do anything for cosmetic purposes,’ Dr Marashi said.

‘If they decide they want to go through with it, that’s fine, but they need to do their homework.’ 

Reflects Kase for the nypost: ‘These surgeries, for the most part, are about making a woman feel self-confident and sexy. They’re a surgical excision of any and all worries about camel toe.

‘These aren’t medically necessary surgeries. They can help with incontinence or riding bikes, but for the most part, they’re about making a woman feel self-confident and sexy.

‘They’re a surgical excision of any and all worries about camel toe. It would be easy to judge those who spend unspecified thousands to nip and tuck their nethers, but I’ve also spent untold thousands over the years on medically unnecessary tattoos, hair dye, body piercings, makeup and more. This is no different, just more taboo.’

Which poses the awkward question, how perfect is perfect and are women angling to have labiaplasty not so much because they want to decrease discomfort while riding a bike but because they live in a society that tells her her self worth and value is inherent on how she appears? Especially (or even) when she takes her clothes off ….?

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