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Photos: Brittney Jones courthouse sex act video has arrived

Brittney Jones
Brittney Jones Jacksonville courthouse sex act video. Image via Facebook.

Brittney Jones courthouse sex act video makes the rounds after a Jacksonville, Florida woman takes liberties while waiting to face a judge. 

Brittney Jones a 26 year old JacksonvilleFlorida woman has filmed herself performing oral sex on a man inside a courthouse before posting it on twitter.

The incident led to police ‘investigating’ the woman who at the time was at the local Duval County Courthouse, on account of drugs charges.

The 26-year-old, who has since deleted the footage from twitter, had boasted about the explicit video on social media, joking it was her way of trying to get her charges dropped.

Which is slang saying, ‘My bixches I want to be a media whore’. 

Video footage revealed the woman scanning an empty corridor outside the courtroom before she performed the sex act on a man sitting on a bench.

‘Had so much fun at court today. Found a way to get my charges dropped…. Ssssssh don’t tell,’ she wrote on Twitter alongside the 34-second video.

Authorities said the ‘incident’ occurred during business hours at the court with security cameras recording the sex act. 

Brittney Jones Courthouse oral sex video poster still on the run

A report via The Florida Times-Union told of Jones who works as a stripper (and then some) appearing at the court to face charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, smuggling contraband into jail and violation of probation. 

Jones was sentenced to time served and was fined after spending two days in prison in relation to those charges.

In an interview with News4Jax, Jones’ father, David said that he wasn’t ashamed of his daughter’s action but conceded he was disappointed. 

He said it wasn’t the first time Brittney had posted sexually explicit content online and the family had been trying to get her to stop for years. 

A video of her performing a sex act on a man circulated on Facebook in 2015. 

Brittney Jones
Pictured, Brittney Jones Jacksonville, Florida woman.

Jones’ grandmother noting her grand-daughter had a son, said: ‘I would hate for him to turn on TV and see his mom. That’s very very upsetting to me’.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident but it is unclear if Jones or the man will be charged.  

According to her Twitter profile, Jones works as a stripper at Jacksonville Topless Bar Cocktails

She has been vocal on Facebook since the video surfaced.

‘To all the news channels following me on Facebook. I know for a fact your reading this, so I will let all of your know; I will only do a interview with the highest bidder. Shoot me a price,’ she wrote on Thursday.   

While a previous entry read: ‘To all my fans and haters. People judge what I do in a negative way because I date to be me openly and not hiding the real me. Okay, I’m a super freak, I’m not the first or last of my kind. I’m just different than the rest because I don’t hide it nor deny it. This is me 365 days a year. I love me and my crazy life. I have no regrets or complaints… As long as I’m happy I could care less about your complaints about my happiness!!’


Brittney Jones
Pictured Brittney Jones who performed a sex act at a Jacksonville court house.
Brittney Jones
Pictured, Jacksonville, Florida woman, Brittney Jones.
Brittney Jones
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