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Timothy Blake semen syringe squirter: How I followed women around Walmart and pretended I was dating them.

Timothy Blake
Because Timothy Blake just couldn't help himself...
Timothy Blake
Because Timothy Blake just couldn’t help himself…

What led to Timothy Blake squirting syringes of his own semen on unsuspecting female shoppers at a Marietta, Ohio, Walmart store?

Timothy Blake a mystery man who over the course of recent months had been squirting syringes of his own semen on to the backsides of unsuspecting women has been arrested.

The man’s arrest comes after authorities told of Blake following female shoppers at a Marietta, Ohio, Walmart store where over the last couple of months the man had in no less than 12 instances squired his own semen on the women from a tube.

According to an arrest warrant cited by The Parkersburg News and Sentinel Timothy D Blake a 28 year old Sams Creek Road, Mineral Wells , West Virginia man had strategically carried out his feats of terrorism as he took to following women around a Walmart store in Washington County.

Having masturbated his own fluid and placed it in a tube, Blake targeted female shoppers for his own sadistic pleasure, as he watched unsuspecting suspects struggle to come to terms with what had just happened to them.

The man’s arrest over the new year came after a female victim noticed a ‘creepy man’ lingering around her whilst shopping in the makeup aisle of a Walmart store when she felt something wet an squishy on her backside.

Oh no! Not again?

Upon going to the bathroom in a bid to clean the ‘liquid’ off the woman noticed the fluid was ‘sticky’, before realizing what it was.

But it gets better.

After returning from the bathroom the woman told of Blake staring at her.

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It was while the man tried leaving the store that the female victim followed him, where she was able to take down his driving particulars after noticing the man get into a company oil truck.

It wasn’t soon there after that the woman’s description of her assailant matched that of other victims that Blake’s arrest was made.

Of note, a report via WTAP told of the man being arrested while eating dinner at a restaurant with his wife.

Told Sheriff Mincks of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office: ‘It’s not something that we’ve encountered before and after we arrested Mr. Blake, we asked him about it, and he said it was something that he had discovered on the internet and decided to try it’.

According to the criminal complaint, Blake claimed the material used was egg yolks until an officer advised that they’d had the material tested, at which point he admitted to it being semen, but only some of the time. 

According to a court filing, Blake said he would masturbate in his truck or in the Walmart parking lot and then fill a syringe with his bodily fluid.

When pressed as to what he thought he was doing, he replied ‘maybe it was his way of having sex with these women and that was what he thought of when committing these acts.’ 

Blake also said he was molested as a child, while saying his wife was completely unaware of his activities.  

Blake allegedly drove three company trucks, all 2014 Fords, one black, one white and the third brown, during his alleged acts.

According to the Smoking Gun, Blake was released on $11,000 bond on Tuesday but he is required to wear a GPS ankle monitor as part of his release conditions.  

In the interim, investigators have asked other possible victims to come forward…

Timothy Blake
Timothy Blake’s escapades took place at a local Marietta, Ohio, Walmart store.