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$28k: Thao Doan has sex with teen student pays him blackmail money

Thao Sandy Doan
Pictured Thao 'Sandy' Doan. Image via social media
Thao Sandy Doan
Pictured Thao Doan. Image via social media

Thao Doan a Texas middle teacher has sexual affair with a teen student who blackmailed the teacher to keep quiet about their illicit trysts.

Thao ‘Sandy’ Doan a Texas middle school teacher has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly having an affair with a 14 year old teen student.

The charges against the 27 year old woman come after the boy extorted the teacher, who paid the teen nearly $28 000 not to reveal their relationship to authorities.

The social studies teacher at Raul Quintanilla Middle School in Dallas was arrested on Friday after the boy’s mother told cops that her son was receiving large sums of money from Doan who in turn was using the money to buy alcohol and drugs.

According to the Dallas News, the boy’s mother after having initially contacted police earlier this month also shared with investigators screenshots of text messages that her son, a former student at Quintanilla Middle School, had been blackmailing his teacher-turned-lover.

One message allegedly read: ‘Aint b’sing watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready to show the cops. Right i aint playing.’

Police believe the teen forced Thao Doan to pay him about $28,000 in several cash installments after threatening to tell the authorities about their illicit trysts.

When interviewed by police, the 27-year-old woman reportedly admitted that she and the 14-year-old had communicated via text messages, on Instagram and on the app Kik before meeting for the first time to have sex at a park in the summer of 2015.

At one point, the teacher allegedly sent the boy a photo of her breasts, reported WFAA via WLS.

Thao Sandy Doan
Pictured Thao Doan booking photo

The arrest document states that Doan and the boy had several more trysts between November and December 2015.

In an interview onWednesday via Fox 26 the boy’s mother, Nidia said while she was not excusing her son’s behavior, she insisted that Sandy Doan as ‘an adult should know better’.

Told the mother: ‘This is very hurtful, because he’s a victim here. He was a child, he still is a child, but it hurts me because I’ve been through a lot with him.

‘At times, he started getting into drugs, drinking, leaving the house. And he would probably get money and just leave the whole weekend’.

‘I wouldn’t hear from him. I’d be out looking for him.’

She continued: ‘This really changed my son. This turned him into a person that he wasn’t.’

The boy’s uncle said his young nephew seemed ‘smitten’ with his teacher, whom he later came to regard as his personal ‘piggy bank.’

Adding: ‘He would need money, and he would just call her and ask for more. She would drop it off for him, and you know, he would pick it up and be gone for 2-3 days at a time’. 

In January 2016, Doan said she began receiving extortion calls from someone she did not know threatening to expose her illicit affair with the student if she refused to pay up.

Despite the unfolding blackmail scheme, Sandy Doan conceded having sex with the teen again in December 2016.

According to Quintanilla Middle School’s website, Doan teaches sixth grade and works as a soccer and cross country coach.

She has been placed on administrative leave in the wake of her arrest.

The student at the center of the alleged extortion plot is not expected to face criminal charges in the case. 

The teacher has since posted bail as she now awaits her next court appearance.

Thao Sandy Doan
Pictured where Thao Doan taught.