Home Scandal and Gossip Who murdered Sayvon Zabar? Frequently hired toy boy masseuses.

Who murdered Sayvon Zabar? Frequently hired toy boy masseuses.

Sayvon Zabar
Sayvon Zabar
Pictured, Sayvon Zabar. Image via GoFundMe page.

Sayvon Zabar murder: What led to a much loved former nightclub owner and personality being strangled? No arrests made as a community grieves.

Sayvon Zabar, a former mid-town nightclub owner was Wednesday morning found strangled to death at an Upper West Side, NYC apartment the man shared with two other individuals.

A police report tells of Zabar, the son of grocery scion being found unconscious by two roommates in their fourth floor apartment on West 81 st near Amsterday avenue.

Police sources told of the 54 year old victim, who weighed circa 400 pound being found found face up in his bed.

At the time cops determined that the man also known as Zabary Savyon hadn’t incurred any visible trauma to the body.

But a subsequent autopsy revealed the former owner of Latin same sex nightclub, Escuelita, having sustained deep tissue hemorrhaging consistent with strangulation.

Of note the former nightclub, located on West 39 the street had only shut its doors after 19 years in operation in February, 2016.

According to a report via the nypost, Zabar frequently received massages, with police declining to indicate if masseuse was a suspect.

Sayvon Zabar
Pictured Sayvon Zabar also known as Zabary Savyon. Image via Facebook.

Police sources told via pix11 Zabar employing a male masseuse twice a week, with whom the dead man may have been having a sexual relationship with, or aspired to.

According to the roommate, the masseuse, 23, said after administered a massage, Zabar tried to have sex with him.

The masseuse then left, which the roommate found odd, considering he would normally stay over.  It’s when the roommate went into Zabar’s bedroom, that he found him unresponsive.

That said, it seems Sayvon Zabar may have frequently ‘enjoyed’ the company of good looking young men.

According to one neighbor, he often saw young Latino men shuttling in and out of the victim’s West 81st Street pad.

Told Vinny de Angelis, 61: He always had an entourage [of] young, handsome Latinos.’

It is understood the Zabar family had lived in the home over the course of the last 30 years and had during that time had opened his home to an ever-present entourage of good-looking buff young men who de Angelis said lived, traveled, and worked with Zabar.

Sayvon Zabar
Pictured nightclub impresario, Sayvon Zabar along with pop star, Rihanna.

Told Carlos Arenas who used to work security at one of Zabar’s clubs via dnainfo‘He was really well known,’

‘The club life was his passion. He was a big staple in the gay community. That was his thing, he was an entertainer.’

Adding: ‘He was a really good dude. I worked with him for a while. If he got to know you, he made sure you were fine and not missing anything. He’d get you food, drinks, cigarettes, anything you wanted.’

Police sources told of there being no signs of forced entry and nothing being taken from the apartment, as they continued come Friday morning to interview the dead man’s roommates.

In the interim, friends set up a GoFundMe page in a bid to raise money for commemorative banners, T-shirts and souvenirs for the much loved nightclub personality who was also known in the community as ‘Big Ben.’

No arrests have been made.

Sayvon Zabar
Pictured, Sayvon Zabar and ‘entourage’. Image via Facebook.