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Lena Nersesian photos: You tube Lena the Pug vlogger promises sex tape if she gets one million subscribers

Lena Nersesian
Pictured, Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Pug vlogger youtube. Images via social media.
Lena Nersesian
Pictured, Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Pug vlogger youtube. Images via social media.

Lena Nersesian aka You tube Lena the Plug promises to release sex tape if she hits one million subscribers. Instead vlogger finds herself widely condemned.

Disconcert has come to the fore with the announcement that Lena Nersesian, otherwise known as Lena the Pug on youtube after the social media personality said she would film a sex tape if she gets one million subscribers.

Dressed in scanty attire, the vlogger took to youtube last week where she made the following announcement: ‘I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the last year.

‘Putting provocative pictures on the internet will get you such offers but it’s never been something I’ve been interested in, or tempted by.’

Adding: ‘I don’t want to do porn and I really have no interest in doing it. But a sex tape with someone that I’m seeing and totally comfortable having sex with – that sounds cool to me.’

That someone being fellow vlogger Adam22.

In a preview of what viewers might expect to see, Nersesian upon finishing her appeal gave her fans a ‘preview of what is to come’ by positioning her scantily-clad derrière in front of the camera before adding: ‘I’m actually really excited about this sex tape.’

While adding: ‘I’m really into doing everything at least once just to do is, maybe because it makes a really nice story. Sorry Mom and Dad, you already hate me anyway.’

Do you suppose?

Needless to say the vlogger’s call has led to a instant rush of additional subscribers (anyone surprised?) while equally leading to many calling the woman out for what many decry as a cynical exploitation of user’s morbid curiosity.

While the clip calling for subscribers has led to over 1.5 million hits in just over seven days, Nersesian has only been able to ratchet 180 000 subscribers since going live with her audacious pitch.

Instead of hitting the magic million mark, Nersesian has instead found herself receiving a barrage of comments, with most disapproving of ‘her antics’.

Lena Nersesian
Lena Nersesian is also a preferred hawt bixch.
Lena Nersesian
Lena Nersesian: ‘Because I’m in the mood …’

Wrote one commentator:You are kind of nasty and your poor self-esteem radiates through you. Have some self-respect girl!’

While another user wrote: ‘Really pathetic. Act like a w**** and you will be treated like one.’

Mused another viewer: ‘This is sad, you are willing to go as far as porn just for subscribers?

‘The human race is a stupid species.’

Another agreed: ‘Be ashamed of yourself for offering a service like this…

‘Do women have to go this low for attention?!’

Lena Nersesian
Lena Nersesian: ‘Bon chic!’

While others were more direct, including one user who wrote: ‘You’re a mess. Get a real job like the rest of us’.

Including this viewer, who wrote: ‘Desperate, self deluded attention seeking waste of space’.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative response, not everyone is angered by Lena’s offer.

Wrote one fan defending the vlogger: ‘Can’t y’all just shut the f*** up and leave if u don’t like her.’

Another randy YouTube user simply said: ‘I can’t wait to see it.’

Nevertheless, despite Lena’s ambitious goals, it may all just indeed be a cynical ploy (are you surprised?) with youtube officials saying via the dailymail: ‘YouTube’s Community Guidelines clearly state that sexually explicit content is not allowed on our site and we remove videos and channels that violate our policies when flagged for our attention.’

Not that will of course stop Lena at least trying to get her numbers up there and if some of you are lucky continue to wag her derriere for all that it’s worth, which is probably isn’t very much…. or is it?

Lena Nersesian
Lena Nersesian: ‘Why decline?’