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Kelly Carter black waitress ‘Fxck racist white customers’

Kelly Carter black waitress
Kelly Carter black waitress
Kelly Carter black waitress
Kelly Carter black waitress. Image screen shot.

Kelly Carter black waitress: A local server at an Ashburn, Virginia restaurant is undeterred after having been left a racist tirade by white customers.

Kelly Clark an Asburn, Virginia waitress has stood resolute after being left a racist note after serving a white couple.

Working the Saturday morning shift at Anita‘s New Mexico Style Cafe, Clark was shocked after finishing serving a couple their breakfast where she received a racist tirade.

In the place of where a tip would have normally sat at the bottom of the check, Kelly’s customers instead chose to damn her, writing: ‘Great service don’t tip black people.’

Told Carter via WRCTV: ‘I looked at the receipt three times is what I did. Because I was shocked. Because I’ve never, never being a server seen that.’

Carter said the couple, who appeared to be in their 20s, didn’t behave differently than any other customer and gave no indication they were unhappy with her service, and she said the woman even complimented the food.

‘The lady was saying they loved the potpie meal,’ Carter said.

Another customer snapped a photo of the note written on the receipt and shared it on social media, where the story has gone viral notes rawstory.

Kelly Carter black waitress
Kelly Carter black waitress, standing her ground and undeterred.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s incident, the restaurant’s owner said diners have been coming to Anita’s and asking to sit in Carter’s section so they can tip her generously.

Other customers have stopped by to offer hugs and gifts.

Explains owner Tommy Tellez Sr: ‘She has a following,’

‘Her philosophy for customer service is way beyond the norm — and we’re really happy to have her.’

Adding: ‘I was appalled, though it’s kind of in line with the political landscape.’

While Kelly Clark concedes having been left deflated by the hateful message, the employee was back at work the next day at 6 a.m. for her next shift.

‘He didn’t hurt me, he only hurt himself — he only makes me stronger,’ said Carter, who added that she’d be willing to wait on the couple again. ‘Just me serving them will let them know they did not get the best of me — and I truly mean that.’

Because sometimes you just have to turn the other cheek and tell the racist bastards to ‘go fxck themselves….’

Kelly Carter black waitress
Kelly Carter black waitress: Pictured, Anita’s New Mexico Style Cafe.