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Photos: Jaimie Ayer Florida mom plies teen daughter 5 classmates with booze has sex with them

Jaimie Ayer
Jaimie Ayer: 'Why decline?'
Jaimie Ayer
Jaimie Ayer Brandenton, Florida mom is also a preferred hawt bixch. Images via Facebook.

How Jaimie Ayer a Brandenton, Florida mother plied her teen daughter classmates with booze before having unlawful sex with the minors at the family home.

Jaimie Ayer a 40 year old, BradentonFlorida woman has been arrested after her teen daughter told cops she caught her mother having a threesome with her classmates during a Christmas party at the family home.

The mother has since been charged with three counts of unlawful sexual activity with minors, with the Miami Herald reporting the mother is expected to have that number upped to 7 counts after complaints of further victims.

In total, police said there were five victims, with three of them revealed to be 16 year old boys. The other victims are thought to be 17 years old.

The charges stem after the mother returning home and gatecrashing her teen daughter’s party, on December 23, where she plied her victims with booze before sexually engaging them.

Noted a police arrest report cited via the Bradenton Herald: Jamie continued to socialize and drink with the minors, eventually telling a boy that she needed to shower and that he should come help her.’

Instead, the mother reportedly led him by the hand to a bedroom, stripped him and performed a sex act on him.

Another boy told investigators that he also joined in for ‘group sexual activity.’ And Ayer’s daughter said she walked in and saw her mother taking part in sex acts with the 16 and 17-year-olds.

Jaimie Ayer
Pictured, Jaimie Ayer, Brandenton, Florida mom now expecting to face 7 charges against her for unlawful sex of a minor.

Detectives launched a probe on Wednesday after a tip that word was spreading at a school about Ayer’s alleged booze and sex antics at the December 23 party and the daughter being bullied.

The unnamed school was alerted and all eight teens at the ‘house party’ were quizzed separately.

Each account was consistent with the timeline of events, said a sheriff’s deputy.

Students from two local high schools were invited.

Ayer was “very intoxicated” when officers went to her home to arrest her in the middle of Wednesday afternoon said court papers.

Upon her arrest on Wednesday, bond was set at $22, 500 with the mother sent to Manatee County Jail where she continues to remain.

Jamie Ayer
Pictured the family Brandenton, Florida home where Jaimie Ayer is alleged to have had sex with as many as 5 high school students.
Jaimie Ayer
Pictured, the Brandenton, Florida mother arrested after having unlawful sex with minors.
Jaimie Ayer
Pictured, Brandenton mother, Jaimie Ayer.
Jaimie Ayer
Jaimie Ayer
Jaimie Ayer
Jaimie Ayer: ‘Why decline?’