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Belen Rodriguez Playboy model: Why I made out with my 3 year old son

Belen Rodriguez
Pictured, Argentinian model, Belen Rodriguez sticking her tongue in her 3 year old son's mouth.
Belen Rodriguez
Pictured, Argentinian model, Belen Rodriguez sticking her tongue in her 3 year old son’s mouth.

Belen Rodriguez Argentinian model kisses her three year old son sends the internet in free fall. Did one mother go too far?

Hubris has come to the fore after video surfaced showing Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez seemingly sticking her tongue inside her three year old son’s mouth.

In the clip which the mother unabashedly posted on her instagram page, a clip shows the young boy lapping up his mother’s attention as Rodriguez then motions towards her toddler son, grabbing the boy by his face and drawing the boy closer to hers as she sticks her tongue out.

In the unthinkable the Playboy model then sticks her tongue inside her son’s mouth as the boy laughs. The model mother then wipes whipped cream on her son’s face as he smiles for the camera amongst friends at a Milan, Italy restaurant. 

In what may have been an innocent moment between mother and son has since become as source of contention with many lambasting the Argentinian’s model ‘lack of proprietary’.

Writes one commentator, ‘she should be ashamed of herself.’

While another wrote, ‘You just have to feel ashamed!’ 

Mused another, ‘If she does this in public what could happen in private?’

While one user wrote, ‘your tongue is ‘never an affectionate gesture, but erotic’.

Others criticized the mother for normalizing behavior best left to adults, even if the kiss appears to be in passing and devoid of any intent.

While Rodriguez has come under attack, many have dismissed her critics, insisting that the mother didn’t do anything wrong.

Wrote a commentator defending the mother: “I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a fan of Belen !! Not at all! But I in this act do not see anything wrong!!”

While another wrote, ‘He seems like a happy and sweet child. I don’t understand what you see here that is not right!’

Others including this author wonder if the reproach the former Playboy model had more to do with viewer’s own attitudes towards sexuality and projection?

Belen Rodriguez
Former Playboy model Belen Rodriguez kissing her 3 year old son, Santiago.

Rodriguez has yet to address the video, but this isn’t the first scandal she’s had to deal with. In 2011, someone leaked a video of Rodriguez and her boyfriend having sex. According to the Telegraph, Rodriguez said she suffered a miscarriage as a result of the X-rated tape being made public.

‘I was depressed for two months, I couldn’t leave the house because I was so ashamed and I lost my baby,’ she said. ‘I’m perhaps the only person not to have watched the video. I was very young and I did all I could to erase it but I wasn’t able to. The absurd thing is that even now, you can see that video with just the click of a mouse.’

Belen Rodriguez
Pictured, Argentinian model, Belen Rodriguez.
Belen Rodriguez
Pictured ex Playboy model, Belen Rodriguez.