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NSFW: Kulwinder Kaur, pregnant Indian dancer shot dead after refusing drunk man

Kulwinder Kaur
Kulwinder Kaur
Kulwinder Kaur
Pictured, 25 year old Indian woman, Kulwinder Kaur the moment before she is shot by a wedding guest.

How Kulwinder Kaur an Indian dancer came to be shot after refusing the advances of men. Debate ensues as to whether the men will be held accountable.

Video (see below) has emerged of 25 year old Indian woman, Kulwinder Kaur of the moment she was hit by a bullet while dancing on stage after previously denying the advances of a ‘drunk’ guest.

The incident happened whilst the three month pregnant woman was attending a wedding in Bathinda in the Punjab state in Northern India on Saturday.

The woman was part of a four-member dance troupe who’d come to perform at a wedding in Maur Mandi town.

Prior to the dancer’s shooting death, the intoxicated men had been observed shooting into the air, as is custom during festive celebrations.

Kulwinder Kaur
Pictured, Kulwinder Kaur

In the aftermath of the woman’s shooting death, authorities told of four people being arrested in the aftermath of the video since going viral.

Among those arrested told a report via the indianexpress was Lucky Goyal (who also goes by the name of Billa) the leader of the Sikh political party Shiromani Akali Dal, and his friend Sanjay Goyal.

Also arrested was Jagsir Singh, owner of the Aashirwaad marriage palace, the wedding venue, and Narinder Kumar, father of groom Varun Kumar, who were booked under Section 188 IPC, disobedience to order duly promulgated by a civil servant.

Jagsir and Narinder were granted bail as the offense is bailable.

According to the woman’s husband, Rajinder Singh, his wife was accosted by a men who’d been drinking who had been trying to get on stage to dance alongside with the women, only to be refused by stage management.

The husband claimed the men in turn grew frustrated, when one of them fired a gun out of anger, with a bullet hitting his wife and killing her instantly.

Police Senior Superintendent Swapan Sharma said: ‘Both weapons found by officers belonged to Sanjay Goyal, but Lucky was holding the 0.32 bore revolver, as per the video clipping which we have seen.

‘Lucky fired in the air while trying to go on stage. Sanjay Goyal was also near the stage holding his 0.12 gun. Both weapons have been recovered.’

Adding: ‘Since the weapons belonged to Sanjay, he has also been booked for murder, although the girl died after being fired from the one (revolver) used by Lucky.’

A report via ndtv told of police maintaining that the woman’s shooting death was a case of celebratory firing gone wrong. ‘Details will be out after postmortem,’ said Daljit Singh, a police officer.

Told the husband, Rajinder: ‘I want the culprits to be hanged and I don’t want any compensation.’

In the interim, the woman’s murder has once again sparked outcry as to the way women are perceived and treated in society, with many of the opinion that much effort will be made not to bring any lasting punishment to the men responsible.

Kulwinder Kaur
Kulwinder Kaur the moment after being hit.