Home Scandal and Gossip Jerry Pagan castrates Bronx lover, planned to eat penis

Jerry Pagan castrates Bronx lover, planned to eat penis

Jerry Pagan
Pictured, Jerry Pagan booking photo
Jerry Pagan
Pictured, Jerry Pagan booking photo

What led Jerry Pagan to castrating his Bronx lover? Police make a grizzly discovery at a victim’s apartment after a ‘discussion’ turned violent.

Jerry Pagan a 32 year old NY man has been arrested after hacking off his 68 year old Bronx lover’s penis after killing the man at his home.

The homeless man’s arrest on Saturday came a day after Pagan admitted to investigators castrating his lover after bludgeoning him to death at the elder man’s second floor Sheriday Avenue apartment in Claremont.

Pending notification to relatives, authorities declined releasing the victim’s name.

Notice of the grizzly murder came after a building tenant walking by the apartment noticing a large amount of blood coming from inside.

Upon his arrest, Jerry Pagan since described in local reports as a male prostitute told investigators he’d planned to eat his castrated lover’s penis.

The incident happened after Pagan became incensed after the two men had unprotected sex but consensual sex last week. It is understood the two men had known each other for a few years.

According to the nydailynews, a discussion the two men regarding the matter soon devolved when Pagan took a hammer and bludgeoned his older lover over the head.

From there, Pagan confessed to grabbing a pair of scissors and stabbing his lover several times before cutting off the man’s penis with a razor blade.

Pagan spent the next day at his victim’s home with his corpse, leaving and returning at least once in the interim.

Upon entering the victim’s home circa 8.30 pm Saturday night, investigators discovered the slain man’s battered body in the bathtub and his penis placed in a plastic bag and left in the kitchen sink.

Of note, upon being taken to the 44th Precinct stationhouse Sunday evening and asked ‘why he did it’, Pagan is alleged to have responded, ‘did what?’

Jerry Pagan was awaiting arraignment for murder Sunday evening where he will be booked on second degree murder.

Jerry Pagan
The Bronx building where cops made the grizzly discovery.