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48 Hours in Las Vegas

48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas weekend Sin City starts Friday afternoon ...
48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas weekend Sin City starts Friday afternoon …

48 Hours Las Vegas weekend Sin City: From fine dining, cocktails, accommodation, sights, partying, trying your poker luck and catching the sites.

Visiting Las Vegas is a dream break for so many people around the world but even though the idea of a long weekend in Sin City is at the top of a lot of bucket lists the dilemma is what to do once you’re there. Here is a diary of what to do in 48 hours in the world’s gambling capital.

Friday morning

Right, so you’ve just landed off the plane and no matter where you’ve travelled from you will no doubt be feeling the impact of air travel. Well, shake it off because you’ve got some hardcore Las Vegas livin’ to get through. If you haven’t already eaten on the plane the grabbing some brunch at a venue such as Omelet House is essential to get some much-needed kilojoules on board. Once that is done then you will need to head to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and have the cheesy tourist photo alongside the iconic landmark.

Friday afternoon

Let’s face it, today is going to be the quieter of your 48 hours in Sin City. Today is all about building up your energy levels for the evening’s entertainment. The best way to prepare for such a high-octane night is to have a chilled out day time.

In between relaxing by the pool bar at a venue such as the Azure Luxury Pool at the Palazzo, Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage, or Daydream at the M Resort it might be wise to do some sight-seeing and check out the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas. If you have a spare minute then you might want to also fit in a ride on the SlotZilla Zip Line.

48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas weekend: Anyone for a dip at the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage?

Friday evening

You have just had a chilled out afternoon in the city but now it is time to crank it up a level. Start the transition from light into dark with a serene sunset gondola ride at the Venetian casino.

If you are visiting in a group of friends then this might not be for your taste so shake it up with some extravagant food and drink at one of the plethora of bars and restaurants across the city that offer some of the finest dining in the world. Why not go all out to fully sample the Las Vegas experience? Book a table at somewhere like Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand, Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace, or Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmopolitan.

Once you have got your fill of food and cocktails then crack on to one of the Las Vegas Strip casinos to try your luck at some of the most famous casino floors in the world. There is an endless choice to choose from with venues such as The Luxor, The Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and Rio all provide top class gambling facilities to provide a night that you will never forget.

48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas weekend: Time to check out the sites, grab a bite, a few cocktails and maybe try your luck…

Saturday morning

Ok, listen up. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Your head is banging, your mouth is drier than the Grand Canyon, and your stomach feels as fragile as the bone structure of Montgomery Burns. On the plus side, you still have your self respect. Unlike your best mate who lost a wager at the craps table and was forced to run around the table with his pants around his ankles before being kicked out by security.

How do you remedy this state of affairs? Simple. Hit one of the city’s superb breakfast diners and get your munch on. BabyStacks Cafe, Black Bear Diner, and Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino are the places you simply have to try.

Whether you are looking for maple syrup on your pancakes or something a bit more pretentious you will find a fantastic selection of breakfast food to eat at these places. It will go some distance to refreshing your head but is unlikely to help with remembering the night before. That’s the night we said you’d never forget… ironic really!

48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas: Guess who’s feasting at the Black Bear diner …

Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon should cater for two types of Las Vegas tourists. Firstly, those that are feeling horrendously hungover after the antics from Friday night and secondly, those annoying morons who somehow drink copious amounts of booze and yet still wake up without a hangover the following day. Do not believe their claims that drinking water regularly throughout the night saved them. It’s all lies. In reality, they’ve just sold their soul to a demon in exchange for never experiencing hangovers.

First up, those that are suffering. Take it easy. Las Vegas is a cruel mistress at the best of times. Rest when you can. Take advantage of the online gambling laws that are in play across Nevada. A number of casinos in Las Vegas offer online casino products but there are plenty of options available online including all the top slots games you’d find in Vegas. So take a browse and pick the casino online that offers the best service for you. For example, when you play slot games you will find out that the welcome bonus can be quite generous compared to the blackjack games. Therefore it is vital to do your research.

Secondly, one for the immortal beasts out there. How does a sky jump off the Stratosphere sound? Yeah, we thought you’d like that. Attempt your best Felix Baumgartner impression as you leap off an 829 foot structure on the Las Vegas Strip. Just make sure you update your will and testament before doing it. You know, just in case!

48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas: And of course you’re going to be up all night long dancing and partying away….

Saturday evening

One of the must-see things in Las Vegas are the Bellagio Fountains displays. Composed to a different soundtrack throughout the year you must experience the visual beauty as the fountains dance about in rhythm to offer a stunning show for on-lookers. It will give you an authentic taste of Las Vegas and set you up perfectly for the night ahead.

Moving from one show to the next, the Bellagio Fountains were just the warm-up. Some of the world’s biggest entertainers have hosted resident shows in Sin City including Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Elton John. So, naturally, it would be a social crime to not attend one of these said shows. It is best to check out the schedule before you visit and see who is in town. You might be surprised who is there. Penn and Teller, The Blue Man Group, and Cirque du Soleil are just some of the regulars on the scene but every now and then a world star will stop by with a show that you will not want to miss.

What is the only way you can end 48 hours in Las Vegas? Hit those damn clubs! Las Vegas is very underrated in terms of its nightclub options. Some of the world’s biggest DJs have resident slots at the clubs across the city.

Tiesto at Hakkasan, Alesso at Light Nightclub, Avicii at XS in Encore, Martin Solveig at Surrender, and Sander van Doorn at Marquee are just some of the superstar DJs that have graced the city’s night scene in recent months. There are countless themed clubs that also offer a memorable experience so just see where the night takes you.

Sunday morning

If you are not flat out on a bed and unable to move with that nagging fear that you’re too destroyed by partying to make your flight then your 48 hours in Las Vegas has been a failure. Cancel your flight and remain for at least another 24 hours before leaving. Doctor’s orders! If you are on your deathbed with exhaustion then congratulations, you belong to Las Vegas now.

48 Hours Las Vegas
48 Hours Las Vegas: Hopefully you’ll make it out alive and in one piece, and maybe meet the occasional celebrity or at least real-life look alike….