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Lapo Elkann Fiat heir: ‘Drug fueled binge with tranny hooker got the better of me’

Lapo Elkann
Also a preferred hawt bixch is Lapo Elkann. Pictures via instagram.
Lapo Elkann
Also a preferred hawt bixch is Lapo Elkann. Pictures via instagram.

Lapo Elkann finds himself relapsing on a two day drug binge bender with transsexual escort Curtis McKinstry which leads to the Fiat heir’s arrest.

Also making their larger than life tabloid guest appearance is grandson of Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli, Lapo Elkann who this weekend past found himself holed up with a tranny hooker at a Manhattan housing project while on a 2 day drug bender.

According to the dailybeast, our collective hero got himself in a touch of bother when the 39 year old Fiat heir ran up a pretty penny tab partying on cocaine, pot and alcohol supplied by the escort.

Bereft of cash (and one presumes wits at the time), Elkann then concocted the master plan of tried to pay off shit by calling a family rep and claiming he’d been kidnapped.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever called up and mom and dad when you spent all your rent money on the drug fun times?

Elkann — who barely survived a 2005 cocaine-and-heroin overdose that involved a transsexual prostitute in Italy according to authorities (who the family called instead) allegedly said he needed $10,000 in cash to secure his freedom from the housing project across from Bellevue Hospital.

Naturally it wasn’t too long there after that cops came to Lapo Elkann’s rescue where they busted the escort while booking her/him with grand larceny by extortion.

Of note, a subsequent investigation revealed that Elkann had used his own cellphone to call for cash and that he could have left the apartment at any time, the sources said.

But of course, Lapo hung around, cause he was naturally caught captive …..(by the good shit he sought to gain more of).

Curtis McKinstry
Pictured, transsexual escort who ‘guided’ Lapo Elkann through this weekend’s good times: Curtis McKinstry. Image via Facebook.
Lapo Elkann
And the Manhattan Housing project where Lapo Elkann (who is worth $800 million) was holed up with Curtis McKinstry.

By Monday charges against Lapo’s good time/bad times escort were dropped with detectives in turn booking Elkann on Sunday with a misdemeanor for falsely reporting an incident.

Our collective hero was released pending his arraignment on Jan. 25.

Lapo Elkann’s larger than life (surely we’ve all been there, or have we?) misadventure follows an episode in October 2005 where the Fiat heir (password for: get out of jail free for any transgression one can think of) was found naked, comatose and near death in the Turin apartment of a 54-year-old transsexual streetwalker.

Told our collective hero via Vanity Fair at the time: ‘I’ve been an idiot.’

A decade later he told the magazine’s reporter, ‘I try to think about the constructive path.’

The Turin incident led to Lapo taking a leave of absence at the family business before moving to the United States for 18 months.

Where of course our collective hero immersed himself in even more fun good/bad times.

During that time, Lapo was busted by the NYPD in January 2006, but that case was sealed and details were unavailable, according to law enforcement sources.

Elkann’s latest misadventure began on Thanksgiving, when he arrived in New York City and immediately began contacting various online escort services, sources said via pagesix.

From there Elkan met up with a female escort on West 49th Street and was then introduced by her to the transgender escort, identified as Curtis McKinstry, 29.

In an ironic twist, Elkann posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday saying that he was about to embark on a business trip, noting: ‘I’ll be seeing many interesting characters in the creative field and in the entrepreneurial field in the next few days.’

To date Lapo Elkann declined to return messages seeking comment. Can you guess why?

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