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‘I had no choice’ Why Mubeen Rajhu killed his sister, Tasleem in honor killing

Mubeen Rajhu
Pictured, Tasleem Rajhu. Shot dead at the hands of her brother,
Pictured, Tasleem Rajhu. Shot dead at the hands of her brother,
Pictured, Tasleem Rajhu. Shot dead at the hands of her brother, Mubeen Rajhu.

Mubeen Rajhu describes how he was forced to avenge his family’s reputation in the honor killing of his sister, Tasleem Rajhu.

A report via AP has delved into the mind of Pakistan man Mubeen Rajhu, 24, in a bid to understand the thought process that led to the man murdering his sister, Tasleem Rajhu in what was then described as an honor killing after the 18 year old girl had started seeing a Christian man.

Matters were set into motion when Tasleem Rajhu’s brother, Mubeen on August 14 walked into their Lahore family kitchen and shot the woman in the head, with the brother since telling he had no alternative and was forced ‘to take action.’

Taunted and relentlessly teased at a workmill that Mubeen Rajhu worked at, the brother over a course of a few months had been subjected to co worker harassment after news of his sister dating a Christian man.

Notes AP: Some people had seen Tasleem in their Lahore slum with a Christian man. She was 18, a good Muslim girl, out in public with a man. Even though the man had converted to Islam out of love for her, this couldn’t be allowed.

Offers Ali Raza, a co-worker at the mill: ‘Some guys got to know that his sister was having a relationship,’

‘They would say: ‘Can’t you do anything? What is the matter with you? You are not a man.’’

Adds Raza: ‘He used to tell us, ‘If you don’t stop, I will kill myself. Stop!’

Soon the brother was inundated with demands that it ‘would be better to kill your sister. It is better than letting her have this relationship.’

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By August, Mubeen Rajhu found out his sister had defied the family and had married the Christian, and despite wishing to contain his rage, one day he walked into the family kitchen with a pistol he had acquired a week earlier and shot her point blank in the head.

The honor killing according to custom is carried out in the name of a family’s reputation, not to be decried and sullied by the perceived misbehavior of daughters and sisters who would behave otherwise as mandated by the Koran.

Yet here lies the irony.

Notes AP: The killers routinely invoke Islam, but rarely can they cite anything other than their belief that Islam doesn’t allow the mixing of sexes. Even Pakistan’s hard-line Islamic Ideology Council, which is hardly known for speaking out to protect women, says the practice defies Islamic tenets.

Nevertheless honor killings persist, intricately linked to culture and tradition, where tribal councils can order women publicly punished, and a family can decide to kill one of its own, even to avenge a wrongdoing committed by someone else.

According to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, in 2015, there was an increase in the number of women and girls killed in the name of honor. Last year, 1,184 people died, only 88 of them men. The year before, the figure was 1,005, and in 2013 it was 869.

Mubeen Rajhu now faces life in prison, and despite any hints of remorse being brief, the brother insists he was ultimately compelled to salvage the honor of himself and his parents when his sister defied requests and took matters (aka her own life) into her own hands….

Mubeen Rajhu
Pictured, Mubeen Rajhu.
Mubeen Rajhu
Mubeen Rajhu