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Meet Alec Cook: UW frat student serial rapist and his black diary

Alec Cook UW student
Alec Cook UW student, sexual predator.
Alec Cook UW student
Pictured, Alec Cook UW student.

Alec Cook UW student: What led one student to sexually prey on fellow students with the man’s victims being too intimidated to step forward after their abuse?

Alec Cook a so called frat student of University of Wisconsin has been accused of being a serial rapist, after authorities told of the 20 year old perpetrating a series of sexual assaults on and off campus.

The man’s arrest earlier this month comes after a female student told police Cook forced himself on her according to a report via The Wisconsin State Journal.

Her criminal report triggered an avalanche of complaints against the student, with dozens of women claiming that they had been sexually victimized at the hands of Alec Cook.

What followed next astounded authorities, with police saying upon searching the man’s apartment near campus coming across a black leather journal in which the 20 year old listed student’s names along with stalking tactics.

Originally scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, the Edina, Minnesota native’s appointment was delayed as prosecutors gather further information against the UW student who has since been suspended from the university.

Complaints against the man include dozens of felony assaults, 15 misdemeanor assaults, false imprisonment and strangulation. In total Alec Cook has been charged with 34 counts of sexual assault.

Along with being suspended, Cook a senior majoring in real estate and land economics has also found his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta estranging itself from the suspect.

Of question is to what degree Cook’s behavior was a result of an attitude of sexual conquest that fraternities have been known to infiltrate pledges with or whether the student was behaving purely on his own merits?

In one complaint against the man, a female student said Cook spiked her drink while another claimed he assaulted her while they dated in February.

Disconcertingly, other alleged victims tell of the sexual predator forcing himself on them in his apartment after spending time studying in libraries and in some instances strangling them. Other victims went on to claim that Cook reaching out to them on social media, where he befriended them before abusing their trust.

Told one alleged victim to police after Cook’s exploits first made headlines: ‘I saw the news story and was empowered by another girl being able to tell what happened to her, that I thought I could now finally tell.’

Alec Cook UW student
Alec Cook UW student appearing in court earlier this month.

Yet perhaps most disarming are investigator claims regarding the entries Alec Cook kept in his diary in which he listed women by name, ‘what he liked about them,’ along with ‘what he wanted to do with the females.’

Other statements reports WKOW included the student using statements such as ‘kill’ ‘sexual desires’.

Responding to the case of Alec Cook, Dean of Students Lori Berquam released the following statement: ‘This is a serious case and the university is responding. 

‘Based on the severity of the allegations and the potential impact on the campus community, the university is disclosing that this student is under emergency suspension from the institution.’

According to RAINN, 23% of female undergraduate students experience sexual assault — and only 20% of survivors report it to law enforcement. Perhaps most troubling is why it necessitated one woman finding the courage to step forward before other alleged victims followed in suit….

Alec Cook UW student
Alec Cook UW student, sexual predator.
Alec Cook UW student
Alec Cook UW student