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Nikitah Beadman: ‘How my boyfriend raped me with a wire in a shipping container’

Nikitah Beadman
Pictured, Nikitah Beadman. Image via A Current Affair.
Nikitah Beadman
Pictured, Nikitah Beadman. Image via A Current Affair.

How Nikitah Beadman a then 17 year old teen came to be tortured and raped at her then 29 year old boyfriend’s hands and nearly didn’t survive.

Nikitah Beadman a 17 year old Queensland, Australian teen has described the harrowing account of how she came to be tied up and gagged in a shipping container where she was raped and tortured at the hands of her ex boyfriend before police rescued her.

In an interview with A Current Affair, Beadman told how Robert Galleghan, now 33 bound her with wire, gagged her with her own underwear before torturing and raping her with wire in a shipping container at the man’s isolated property in Tallai, south east Queensland, in 2012.

Police video (see below) shows the moments leading up to the then 17 year old’s rescue from her ordeal which saw Nikitah Beadman fearing the worse as she remained trapped inside the pitch black shipping container.

The woman’s entrapment came after Nikitah sought to leave Galleghan after he began exhibiting signs of abusive behavior.

Repeated gestures to break their then 3 month relationship off led to the man threatening her and her family.

Relenting, she’d attended a party at the man’s home in a bid to keep the peace between them.

But that’s when things that evening started to go terribly wrong.

Told the rape survivor: ‘I knew what was going to happen.

‘He always said he’d bury me out there.’

Nikitah Beadman
Nikitah Beadman pictured with her then boyfriend, Robert Galleghan.

Nikitah Beadman then told Galleghan it was over, with the man in turn throwing her through a wall, smashing her head into a coffee table.

Reflected Nikitah: ‘I actually thought I was dead.’

Their mutual friends who were still at the home attempted to stop the assault, but were chased away with a knife.

It was then Galleghan took Beadman into the shipping container at the back of the property, believing the police would be on their way.

He fixed her to a trolley with wire, wrapped around her neck so tightly it stopped her breathing.

Galleghan gagged her with her own underpants and wired her mouth shut, before wrapping a blue yoga mat around her head so she was completely unable to breathe and raped her with wire. 

‘Not in a sexual way,’ Beadman said.

‘In a torture way, so I couldn’t have kids.’

He had also repeatedly stomped on her belly. 

When police arrived, Galleghan said he’d been assaulted and wanted to go to the station to make a statement.

But on a hunch, the officers refused to leave and eventually spotted the shipping container at the back of the property.

One of the officers approached it, heard a faint cry and forced his way in to discover Nikitah in the corner.

The officers removed the yoga mat from her head and began filming for evidence because they did not believe she would make it through.

‘It was evil and depraved what I saw,’ one of the officers said.

Watching the footage for the first time this Tuesday, Nikita said it was kind of strange’.

Adding: ‘I remember being there, and I remember seeing it from a 3D perspective… something pulled me back.’

Nikitah Beadman
Nikitah Beadman pictured looking at the shipping container she was tortured in, almost four years after she was horrifically bound to a trolley with wire.

Nikitah Beadman thanked the two police officers who saved her that night in December 2012 in an emotional meeting almost four years on.

Although the attack happened four years ago Beadman is still recovering from her painful injuries.

‘I have got a lot of injuries still now,‘ she said.

Adding: ‘I have got a twisted backbone and two rotated ribs, that in any sort of movement or any sort of exercise could pierce one of my lungs; I have got multiple sprains all through my back; I have got sciatic nerve damage; I have also got nerve damage in my right arm, that I still couldn’t use for a year-and-a-half after — which was from the wire.’

During his trial, the court heard how Galleghan had been on parole for assaulting an officer along with having previously attacked a man with a samurai sword.

That evening, the boyfriend had been on a cocktail of alcohol, Valium and painkillers.

Pleading guilty Robert Galleghan was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Reflected Nikitah Beadman: ‘I shudder to think what would have happened if the police had just left.’

Galleghan is slated to be released in 2021 due to having already served three years in custody.

Nikitah Beadman

Nikitah Beadman

Nikitah Beadman

Nikitah Beadman