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‘I liked watching’ Michelle Martens sought men sexually assaulting daughter

Michelle Martens
Pictured, ten year old victim, Victoria Martens.
Michelle Martins
Pictured, ten year old victim, Victoria Martens.

Michelle Martens the New Mexico mother of ten year old daughter Victoria Martens who was raped, murdered and dismembered admits previous rapes.

Michelle Martens the mother of a ten year old girl raped, murdered and dismembered in her New Mexico home has told cops to previously seeking men online to sexually assault her daughter.

A report via the Albuquerque Journal cites the 35 year old mother telling cops setting up at least three previous online encounters with men leading to Victoria Martens being raped.

The admission comes after the child’s death led to vigils and outcry across New Mexico.

Warrants obtained by the journal outline Michelle Martens saying she didn’t do it for the money, but because she ‘enjoyed watching’ her daughter being sexually assaulted.

During police interviews, the mother told having used the dating website Plenty of Fish to look for men to have sex with Victoria and possibly Victoria’s younger sibling.

‘Michelle said ‘yeah’ when asked if she would agree with them over the internet or over the phone that they would come over and have sex with her children,’ an investigator wrote in one of the documents.

It’s unclear how long Michelle Martens had been arranging meetings before Victoria was killed or if police have identified any of those men.

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Why? Victoria Martens injected with meth, sexually assaulted and dismembered

Michelle Martens
Pictured, Michelle Martens.
Michelle Martens
Pictured, Marten’s boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley

The revelations come after cops found the body of Victoria Martens dismembered body last month inside the Albuquerque apartment she shared with her mother. 

Police say the girl was injected with methamphetamine, sexually assaulted, strangled and stabbed before being dismembered.  

Michelle Martens, the mother’s boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales and the boyfriend’s cousin, Jessica Kelley face charges.

All three now face charges over the rape, murder and dismemberment of Victoria Martens. The child’s murder came upon her turning ten years old.

Investigators are looking into whether Martens ever videotaped or photographed her daughter’s sexual assaults. They seized a camcorder and nine minidiscs, five smartphones, a thumb drive, iPod, cellphone, tablet and Kindle.

Mark Earnest, Martens’ attorney, has declined media overtures for comment.

Michelle Martens
Michelle Martens