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Why? Victoria Martens injected with meth, sexually assaulted and dismembered

Victoria Martens
Pictured, Victoria Martens.
Victoria Martens
Pictured, Victoria Martens.

How did Victoria Martens a 10 year old Albuquerque, New Mexico girl come to be raped, strangled and dismembered at her mother and boyfriend’s hands?

It should have been a kindred day, on Victoria Martin’s tenth birthday but instead the Albuquerque, New Mexico girl was found dead in heinous circumstances, her dismembered remains wrapped in a burning blanket.

Injected with meth, sexually assaulted and then strangled and stabbed at the hands of her mother and her boyfriend and his cousin, Victoria Martin’s assailants were Wednesday morning taken into custody.

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How or why the ten year old girl was subjected to such a horrid chain of events is yet to be necessarily understood, except to say in the end authorities were left speechless upon arriving at the crime scene.

The call to police came just before dawn on Wednesday after a neighbor called to report a ‘disturbance’ at the apartment next door.

Responded Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. when it became evident what they were dealing with: ‘This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career,’

A complete disregard of human life.’

Taken into custody were Victoria Martin’s mother, 35 year old woman Michelle Martens, her 31-year-old boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, and his 31-year-old cousin, Jessica Kelley.

All three face charges of child abuse resulting in death, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. Gonzales and Kelley have also been charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor.

Victoria Martens
Michelle Martens (left), her boyfriend Fabian Gonzales (center), and his cousin Jessica Kelley (right) have been charged in the rape, murder and dismemberment of Martens’ 10-year-old daughter, Victoria.

By Thursday morning, a makeshift shrine for Victoria Martin had formed under a tree at the apartment complex — with relatives and friends leaving flowers, balloons, stuffed animals and lit candles.

While the girls’ mother and the boyfriend’s cousin declined commenting on the horrendous circumstances on Victoria Martin’s assault and death, only Gonzales called attention, insisting that he ‘had nothing to do with anything.’

According to the criminal complaint, the mother told police Gonzales drugged the girl so he could calm her down and have sex with her. She said Kelley held her hand over Victoria’s mouth and stabbed her in the stomach after Gonzales choked the child.

The complaint also states that the mother told investigators that Gonzales and Kelley dismembered Victoria.

The mother told of meeting her new boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales only the month before through online dating website, plentyoffish.com.

One of the police officers who arrived at the apartment found the girl’s body in a bathroom, rolled up in a blanket that had been set on fire. The officer put it out.

Victoria Martens
Pictured Victoria Martens’ mother, Michelle Martens.
Victoria Martens
Pictured Fabian Gonzales.

The Albuquerque Journal tells of Fabian Gonzales having a New Mexico arrest record stretching back to 2004, including a felony child abuse charge, driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

He pleaded no contest to a charge of child abandonment in 2015 and court officials said there were two outstanding warrants for his arrest stemming from drunken driving and littering cases in South Carolina.

Kelley’s arrest record includes battery, domestic violence and drug charges — most of them dismissed. Online court records show no criminal history in New Mexico for Martens save for a Martens has no previous criminal history, according to background investigators, save for a bench warrant for a traffic ticket.

Jessica Kelley had reportedly been released from prison four days earlier and was staying at Martens home.

Mug shots of Martens and Gonzales released by police showed them with bruises on their faces. In his statement in the criminal complaint, Gonzales said his cousin hit him and Martens with an iron.

At the makeshift shrine, Christie Zamora said Victoria attended her gymnastics class every Saturday and always seemed happy.

‘She was incredibly social,‘ Zamora said. ‘It’s just so tragic.’

Neighbor John Madrid frequently saw Victoria around the apartment complex and in the morning, waiting for her school bus.

‘It just hurts,’ the neighbor said, crying.

A birthday celebration had been planned for Victoria Martens Wednesday afternoon after she was supposed to return home from school, Laura Bobbs, a local minister, told the Albuquerque Journal.

Bobbs said she had planned the party and that they were going to have pedicures and manicures and eat cake. A birthday party which somehow now became a funeral. 

Told the dumbfounded woman: Who does this to a little child?’

‘Oh Jesus. Oh what evil.’

In the interim, Judge Linda Rogers set bail at $1 million each for Martens and Gonzales as their lawyer declined to comment on the charges agains them….

Victoria Martens
Victoria Martens
Victoria Martens
Pictured, Michelle Martens and Jessica Kelly.
Victoria Martens
Michelle Martens