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Natalie Henderson autopsy: Nude and in sexual position

Natalie Henderson autopsy
Natalie Henderson autopsy
Pictured, Natalie Henderson autopsy. Images via facebook.

Natalie Henderson autopsy: Did Jeffrey Hazelwood pose his victim’s bodies after killing them for his own sexual gratification? 

Atlanta authorities have revealed disturbing circumstances in connection to the autopsy of slain Roswell teen girl, Natalie Henderson, 17, who was found slain along with teen Carter Davis, 17, behind a local Pubix grocery store in early morning hours.

According to a coroner’s report, Henderson’s body was found nude and in a sexual position. Also of disconcert are medical examiner’s notes telling of the slain girl who was shot execution style behind the head having a feather placed in her hair and a burn mark on her right big toe.

How or why the girl came to be strewn naked in a sexually explicit manner is yet to be necessarily understood. Initial beliefs center on the killer having posed his victims bodies for his own personal gratification after murdering them.

Also damning are Fulton County medical examiner reports telling how fellow teen, Carter Davis who was also shot dead execution style behind the head being discovered wearing just his shorts.

The medical examiner’s report according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution told of both victims laying on their back with Davis’s arms being placed out to his sides.

Why did Jeffrey Hazelwood murder Roswell, Atlanta teens?

Who killed Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis?

Natalie Henderson autopsy
Pictured, Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson.

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The report also noted that Henderson had been shot at close range in the right side of the head, with the bullet lodged close to the bottom of his skull.

Davis, meanwhile, was shot at medium range in the left side of the head with the bullet passing out through his scalp.

Sexual assault kits were prepared for both victims, with Natalie Henderson’s genitalia showing no signs of injury, the report notes. 

No bullets or shell casing were recovered from the scene, but examiners believe both were killed with a revolver.

A separate report is being prepared on Davis and has not yet been released.

The autopsy report into Natalie Henderson’s death was revealed a day before a probable cause hearing for accused killer Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20.

Natalie Henderson autopsy
Pictured, Jeffrey Hazelwood.

Hazelwood is charged with two counts of murder, as well as aggravated assault, theft and financial transaction card fraud after he stole credit cards from his victims and attempted to use them nearby.

Making his first court appearance earlier in the month, Hazelwood was noted acting strangely, including shaking uncontrollably, twitching his head. The 20 year old was also appeared to be petting an imaginary dog in his lap.

Hazelwood was known to authorities before his arrest for murder, having been reported at least eight times in the past.

On one occasion his grandparents, who he was living with at the time of the alleged killings, called officers to say he had taken knives from their gun safe and was threatening to ‘hurt people’. 

Natalie Henderson autopsy

Natalie Henderson autopsy

Natalie Henderson autopsy