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Kasey Warren photos: Kentucky substitute teacher charged with rape after having sex with two students

Kasey Warren
Kasey Warren
Pictured, Kasey Warren. Images via social media.

What led to Kasey Warren a Kentucky substitute teacher abusing her position of power and authority when she preyed on two minor students? 

Kasey Warren a 27 year old substitute teacher has been charged with rape after having sex with two male teenage students.

The former instructor within the Carlisle County School District, Kentucky was arrested after allegedly having sexual contact with two pupils aged 16.

One youth was attacked on or around June 3 while another was preyed upon circa June 14 according to a report via the dailymail

Police say Kasey Warren of Bardwellmet the pair while working in the district in the latter half of the 2015-2016 term.

The physical engagements happened while the teacher was no longer gainfully employed by the school district.

While the age of consent in Kentucky is 16, KSP Trooper Michael Robichaud told as a result of the teacher’s employment as a teacher the physical engagements were still illegal.

Told the police officer: ‘Being 16 years old, they’re still under that 18 year old limit when she is that position of special authority. That’s why they cannot legally consent to sexual intercourse or sexual activity with her.’

Robichaud explained that, even though Kasey Warren was no longer employed by Carlisle County Schools when the incidents allegedly happened, she was still regarded as an authority figure in the eyes of the law, because she met the teens through her former job as a substitute teacher.

Further information revealed that both of the victims attended the same school, with authorities declining disclosing the name of the institution at this time. 

Officers say the alleged attacks took place in neighboring McCracken County, while declining to give further details.

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Since been charged, a grand jury indicted the former substitute teacher on Friday last week.

She is charged with three counts of sodomy in the third degree, and three counts of rape in the third degree because of her position of power over the boys. 

The teacher’s arrest came after Kasey Warren turned herself over to officers Monday and is now being held in custody pending further investigation.

Officers with the Kentucky State Police added that Warren is no longer employed in Carlisle County or anywhere else in the state.

Warren does not yet have an attorney listed for comment.  Her first court appearance has been set for September 15.

Not necessarily understood at present is what led to the former substitute teacher abusing her position of authority/power and trust and why ultimately she sexually preyed on the youths.

Kasey Warren

Kasey Warren

Kasey Warren

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  • Oh I’m sure they do.

  • I agree, but they’re claiming that her contact with them was under those auspices… and carried over… but yeah, I think any reasonably good lawyer should be able to get this one laughed right out of court.

  • Yeah, but she probably loses interest by 17 1/2…

  • I’m gonna bet those guys were more than willing.

  • It did… just not to you.

  • Greeter

    I doubt very seriously that she “attacked” the 2 16 year old males !!! If she was not CURRENTLY employed as a Teacher, it is perfectly legal. These 16 year old don’t know how lucky they are.

  • JLo

    Would bang.

  • Jay_Law_Dog

    Rape? What a slap in the face to actual rape victims. We redefine EVERYTHING nowadays. Rape is NON-CONSENT sex. PERIOD. This “a 16 year old is too much of a baby to understand sex” is non-sense soccer mom crap.

    Second – this article is a disgusting joke. She “attacked” and “preyed upon” the “victims”? Give me a break. Our society has become so age focused and sexually paranoid. At 16, a guy knows what he wants. At 12, we have children, yes CHILDREN being charged by DA’s as adults. At 16, we had soldiers fighting for our nation in WWII. Yet with sex we lose our minds.

    Institutional Sexual Assault was written into the crimes code to keep situations where a student could be forced into sex to pass a class or get a higher grade. It wasn’t intended for situations where the sex was not coerced.

    Stop creating monsters where the real problem are the prude parents who forget rocking out to songs like “Hot for Teacher”. Give me a break.

  • wxman

    Sure she’s a slut, but this accusation is bogus. The legal age in KY is 16, but when it involves interaction between school staff and students, the age is 18. I get that and agree with it. However, it clearly states that she had not been an employee of the school district for some time. That makes her contacts with these boys perfectly legal and consensual. Once released from employment, the state cannot mandate that an individual still be considered a teacher for the rest of their life!

  • Steve Roberts

    Come on boys give it to me in the azzzzzzz

  • BostonLiberty

    Hmmm, I bet pictures were taken, and the parents found them. What is wrong with this lady? I am sure there are plenty of non-jailbait men in her locality to hook up with.

  • Green Jello

    Why couldn’t stuff like this happen to me when I was a teen!

  • I’D HIT IT.