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Karina Vetrano photos: Who strangled missing Queens jogger to death?

Karina Vetrano
Karina Vetrano
Pictured, Karina Vetrano. Images via social media.

How did Karina Vetrano meet with foul play? Queens runner reported missing found dead near Gateway National Park where she routinely worked out.

Authorities are seeking clues in the strangling death of 30 year old NYC woman, Karina Vetrano after she went missing subsequent to going jogging near her Queens home.

The runner was discovered deep in the marshes off the Belt Parkway near 161 st Ave and 78th st in Howard Beach late Tuesday after Karina Vetrano’s father reported his daughter missing early evening. The woman’s body was discovered less than half a mile from the family home.

A report via the nydailynews tells of Vetrano being discovered with her pants pulled down with police telling that the victim had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

Cops found her cell phone near a bike path and discovered her body closer to the shoreline.

The city Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine how she was killed.

Neighbors, concerned that Vetrano a regular runner and fitness buff had met with foul play, telling that vagrants live in the woods off the bike path.

Told a neighbor: I hear there’s a couple of shanty houses out there.’

Offered another sobbing neighbor via the nypost: ‘She had a routine jog.’

Another neighbor said that Vetrano went jogging with her father nearly every night before he suffered an injury.

‘He asked her, ‘Don’t go in there,’’ the neighbor said referring to the weeded area.

Adding, ‘If the weeds were not that tall, we would of seen the girl jogging on the path . . . You can grab that girl, and we wouldn’t know it.’ 

Karina Vetrano

The father, Philip Vetrano, a retired FDNY firefighter told police he last saw his daughter at 5 p.m. when she left for a jog near Gateway National Park.

Neighbors told of Karina Vetrano having earned a master’s degree from St. John’s University in 2015, and working as a caterer at the Vetro Lounge in Howard Beach.

According to her instagram page, Karina Vetrano described herself as a ‘thrill seeker’ and ‘day dreamer’.

In a recent photo with her dad on his 60th birthday, Vetrano called him her “hero” and said, “I’m so blessed to have a father I can call my best friend.”

Vetrano, who was an avid runner, posted an image online that showed her wearing a medal from the Spartan Race at Citi Field 15 weeks ago.

To date the family has declined to offer any media comments as investigators seek to understand how the jogger came to be targeted, by whom and whether there had been similar attacks in the area?

Karina Vetrano

Karina Vetrano

Karina Vetrano

Karina Vetrano

Karina Vetrano

Karina Vetrano

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  • Jon Zimmel

    6 months later…..

  • Adamr187

    NO, your name is V Romero…you’re the creepy one.

  • This has all the earmarks of a savage ape killer. And you precious white people know what I’m talking about.

  • V Romero

    You’re creepy.

  • Adamr187

    Adult male, 18-24. He didn’t intend to kill her until she fought back. He got scared and strangled her. Someone who has seen her with her father jogging and on this day noticed she was alone. I bet her father has seen this man before when he was out on a jog. Maybe even someone in the houses nearby. By the way, I believe this is “his” first time out. I am working now to see if I can link this with the jogger killed in Princeton, MA.

  • MizValerie

    Wasn’t she seen on a surveillance camera at one of the homes at 5:46pm? Was she heading back home? Could be someone who knew her routine was always lying in wait and took advantage of her being alone and tired after her run. If she ran a 7 or 8 minute mile she had plenty of time to get 3 miles or more in. I’m just speculating like everyone else here. My guess is it’s someone that is part of the community – maybe a spurned suitor.

  • Lorilu

    He called her phone several times and got no answer. Apparently that was very out of the ordinary for her, and he became alarmed. He found her because he was showing the police their regular jogging route.

  • Stb Tac

    I’m with you on this theory, but don’t rule out the neighbors across the street.

  • Stb Tac

    You Idiot! He knew her routine down to the second, and knew something was wrong.

  • Stb Tac

    I was thinking the same thing but real mobsters have codes of conduct not to say that all do… Cops should be looking for someone who knows the area, and lives close, very close.

  • A

    I agree with you. Not nice to have terrible assumptions because a father is protective of his daughter! If she jogged for a certain amount of time everyday, what’s wrong with the father calling her? And she wasn’t answering her phone like she always did, etc-

  • Debra

    I believe that area has a lot of mobsters. Maybe someone did it to get back at her father. What could be worse than losing a child? I will be interested in finding out how the investigation unfolds. It is just my theory. Why would a stranger dress her after the murder?? They wouldn’t. This is someone who is familiar with the family. Seems like this one may never be solved. RIP Karina….you are safe now.

  • CookiePussSonOfFudgie

    It’s because the dads a retired firefighter who lives next door to a police chiefs assistant. It’s all over the news because of her looks.

  • He found her during the search. A lousy vagrant did this to her, and I’m sure had been casing her out during her runs.

  • That is an awful thing to say. The old man was hurting and couldn’t go. He called the chief because her jogs were around 45 minutes or so. Where else would she go? There’s absolutely nothing in the vicinity. The chief ended up calling 911, and during the search, Dad happened upon the body, which is a horrible thing to see…your own kid. Enough with that stupid conspiracy theory.

  • Why do people keep killing each other? What a waste of a terribly talented young woman. It just makes me ill.

  • SumthinAintRightHere

    I was thinking the same thing. Something isn’t playing right with Daddy Dearest here. The ONE night he DOESN’T want to go jogging, she ends up DEAD right near the house? Calls her repeatedly before a reasonable amount of time has elapsed that he really even should be worried that something could be wrong? And he just so happens to know EXACTLY where to find her? He didn’t look too distraught walking around smoking his cigar either. Hmmm….not suspicious at all.

  • martinjsxx

    Seems weird that the police would be called after she’s gone for only two hours. A 30 year old is an adult and the police start looking for her because she’s an hour late coming home? She could have met up with a friend but the father was distraught after so short a time? Then he’s the one who finds her in the marsh. Very odd.

  • LuLuBelle

    I think the father should not have been allowed to see that. The whole story seems weird.