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Melania Trump naked Max mag 1995 photo shoot is here

Melania Trump naked
Pictured Melania Trump naked. Images via
Melania Trump naked
Pictured Melania Trump naked. Images via Ale de Basseville.

Melania Trump naked: How exactly did the nypost come to acquire previously unseen images of Donald Trump’s wife aka Melania Knauss (Melania K) pre marriage?

By now it was rumor but courtesy of the nypost it has come to be bona fide accomplait fact as the tabloid Sunday morning released a series of images of Melania Trump naked.

Drools the front cover: ‘The Ogle Office; Exclusive photos. You’ve never seen a potential First Lady like this!’

The images of Donald Trump’s wife who prior to her marriage to the real estate billionaire and current Republican presidential nominee (so help us all) was simply known as Melania Knauss come courtesy of French photographer, Alexandre Ale de Basseville.

Melania Trump lesbian photos emerge starring Emma Eriksson

The images according to the Paris based photographer were as a result of a 1995 photo shoot in Manhattan with now defunct French men’s magazine, Max

The risque photos, some of which were out-takes never used or previously published were released in the January 1996 hardcover issue of  Max.

A careful regard of the vixen staring back at us reveal a very leggy, pert and lean Melania K as Melania Knauss was known back then.

Standing in the buff, the images show our then 25 year old collective heroine glaring at the camera wearing nothing but high heels with a pout which announces, ‘I’m hot, you’re not and don’t look too long unless you pay me overtime.’

Melania Trump naked

Offered de Basseville (who may or most likely will not end up being invited to Melania’s next tea party) to the nypost: ‘Melania was super-great and a fantastic personality and she was very kind with me.’

The photographer also mentions Melania Trump never once feeling uncomfortable about being naked either. Then again Melania K was a professional model from Slovenia (via Paris, Milan) who had arrived in NYC with the goal of tearing it up.

Adds Ale de Basseville who somehow managed to land on the front door step of the nypost with his secret cache of photos: I was quite surprised when I saw the pictures because it was . . . a racier shoot than I expected.’

Reiterating: ‘But Melania seemed very comfortable with the whole thing, and she was very professional.’

From there we find out de Basseville’s inspiration was the Renaissance and of course the celebration of the female body.

Explains the fashion insider who these days works as as the Public Relations Coordinator at Pinacothèque de Paris: ‘I think it is important to show the beauty and the freedom of the woman, and I am very proud of these pictures because they celebrate Melania’s beauty.’

Melania Trump naked

Responding to the images set to make the Sunday rounds, Donald Trump told the nypost:

‘Melania was one of the most successful models and she did many photo shoots, including for covers and major magazines. This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.’

As fate would have it the pair met after our collective Trump was introduced to the femme fatale during a 1998 NY Fashion week party at the Kit Kat club.

Come seven years later, the smitten uber business man and trophy model wed in 2005 in a ceremony at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Yes the American dream does exist after-all.

And then there were these reactions on social media that caught my attention, see what you think?

Melania Trump naked
Pictured, Ale de Basseville.

Melania Trump naked

Melania Trump naked
Why decline …?