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Kali Bookey Wisconsin teen: ‘I wanted my first kill’

Kali Bookey
Pictured the victim. Image via facebook.
Kali Bookey
Pictured the victim. Image via facebook.

How Kali Bookey a New Richmond, Wisconsin teen girl orchestrated an attempted murder on her brother’s girlfriend cause she wanted her first kill.

Kali Bookey of New Richmond, Wisconsin has been charged as an adult with first degree attempted homicide after attacking a fellow teen girl who ‘threatened‘ to come between her and her brother.

The charges stem after the 14 year old self proclaimed psychopath suffocated, Wednesday morning, beat and slit her brother Michael’s 15 year old girlfriend, Halle because she ‘wanted to make her first kill.’

Since her arrest on Thursday, Kali J. Bookey has been held without bond at a juvenile detention center where she has been charged as an adult according to the The Eau Claire Leader Telegram newspaper.

In Wisconsin, juveniles accused of first-degree homicide or attempted first-degree homicide, who are over the age of 10, can be tried as adults.

A report via the dailymail tells of Bookey telling investigators she wanted to scare the victim to leave the area.

Responding to the attack, Kali Bookey’s mother told there had been no sign that her daughter was planning an attack while adding that the family was ‘very sad.’

Meanwhile, the victim remains in hospital recovering from her ‘very serious’ injuries.

Kali Bookey
Pictured, Kali Bookey.

A criminal complaint filed Thursday says police were called around 9:30am where they encountered Bookey according to The New Richmond News.

Bookey told St. Croix County Sheriff’s deputies she’d been riding her bicycle earlier that morning when two men wearing ski masks and armed with a knife starting assaulting her.

She said that she tried to ward off the attackers by telling them there was a residence nearby where a girl was home alone.

Police went to that address and found the 15-year-old victim bleeding profusely from the face and neck and yelling for them to get an ambulance.

Contrary to Bookey’s story, the girl said that it was Bookey – her boyfriend’s sister – who attacked her for hours, attempting to suffocate her, beating her and cutting her with the shards from a broken bowl.

Near the end of the attack, Bookey asked the girl if she wanted to ‘die right now’ or ‘bleed out’. The victim chose bleed out and Bookey stopped cutting her.

Kali Bookey

Bookey then revealed her plans to the victim, saying she had planned the attack for the past week and a half, biking past the home for several days to make a note of when people came and went.

She allegedly referred to herself as ‘a psychopath and that (the victim) was her first kill and she was probably going to kill again’.

Having slit her victim’s throat, Kali Bookey told her victim to ‘have a nice afterlife’ as she left the crime scene.

Relenting, Kali Bookey confessed, saying she had grown to hate the victim for how happy she made her 16-year-old brother.

She also added that she didn’t intend to kill her victim, only scare her enough so that she moved away and her brother could be closer to his family again. 

Kali Bookey

Bookey told police how earlier that morning she had left her home around 4am, riding to the victim’s home where she woke her up by trying to suffocate her while wearing rubber gloves. 

She then hit her 20 to 30 times and cut her about four times. Yet in the second hour of the attack, Bookey also got up to get the victim a glass of water when she requested it.

She also tried to cover up her footprints by forcing the victim to record a voice memo making it appear as if she was attacked by masked men.

When police encountered Kali Bookey they told of finding the teen with swollen and bruised hands, scrapes on her knees and cuts and scrapes on her legs.

After questioning, Kali Bookey conceded calling police but only to get the victim help. She said she made up the abduction story to explain her numerous injuries.

Kali Bookey
Kali Bookey’s victim being transported to hospital.

Offered Scott Knudson, chief deputy for the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office via The St. Paul Pioneer Press‘If we didn’t find her when we did, I think there was the potential for them to be fatal.’

Wrote Kali Bookey’s brother on facebook after Thursday’s attack, ‘she is doing just fine’.

Adding: She is very calm, and she is not at all shaken by it, just shocked my sister would do it,’

‘She says she loves her scars because they look cool, and she’s only upset that her favorite dress got ruined.’

The brother told of him and his girlfriend having plans to get married with his girlfriend already having taken his last name on Facebook.

‘As she was bleeding to death on her floor, she sent me a message asking to have Bookey on her tombstone instead of her last name,’ he said.  

Appearing in court, Kali Bookey’s attorney, Barbara Miller, asked that her teen client be released to her parents’ custody. 

‘It’s way too early to talk about that,St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge Eric Lundell responded.

Bookey is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on August 8.

Kali Bookey

Kali Bookey

Kali Bookey