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Darrell Helton: Why I had sex with a cow

Darrell Helton
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Darrell Helton
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What prompted Darrell Helton a Missouri man to pursue having sex with a local cow? Faces one year in jail on a class A misdemeanor.

Darrell Helton a 68 year old Missouri man has achieved the unfathomable when he chose to have sex with a cow only to be later arrested and charged with misdemeanor unlawful sex with an animal.

The man’s arrest comes after sneaking into a Fair Grove, Greene County barn and attempting to have sex with a cow only to be caught by the property owner with his pants down.

At the time the property owner, a female spotted an unfamiliar car parked near her barn when she went to investigate.

It was there that the woman according to a June 10 probable cause affidavit spotted Darrell Helton standing naked behind one of her bovines in the midst of having sex with the animal. Indeed.

When questioned by deputies, Darrell Helton, of Nixa, Missouri, allegedly said that he went inside the barn housing cattle, caught one of the hoofed animals, lashed it to the corral and attempted to have sex with it, reported the Springfield News-Leader. 

A report via the dailymail told of the ‘horny’ suspect further admitting that it was the second time that he snuck onto the Fair Grove property where he engaged in acts of bestiality with a cow.

Helton, who is apparently married, has been charged with unlawful sex with an animal – a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

According to Beef Magazine, a publication covering the national cattle industry, the average cow size across all breeds is around 1,400lbs.

Attempts to reach Helton for comment using phone numbers listed for him in online records has to date failed to yield any response.

Not necessarily understood at present is what prodded Darrell Helton to pursue having sex with the cow and how often his preoccupation with animals may have led to him in the past pursuing his crimes of passion.