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Was she right? Thai wife slashes cheating husband’s penis off with box cutter

Thai wife slashes cheating husband’s penis off

Thai wife slashes cheating husband’s penis off

Thai wife slashes cheating husband’s penis off: Did one wife go too far when she sought to exact revenge? Debate erupts on the web.

A jilted Thai wife has wrought revenge on her errant husband after slashing the man’s penis with a box cutter and almost severing it after discovering her husband had been cheating on her with her best friend.

The attack happened at Thai tourist spot of Pattaya when according to a report via the dailymail, the wife, a fried chicken seller, lured her husband into a trap.

Pursuant to nearly having his penis severed, the husband, only known as Somchai, was treated by paramedics after witnesses told of the victimized man screaming in pain as medics applied an ice pack against his genitals.

From there local media outlet, Pattaya One told of the brutalized husband being rushed to the Bang Lamung Hospital in Pattaya for emergency surgery.

Whilst now recovering, hospital staff said they were closely watching the man after losing a lot of blood. That said, medics have conceded the cheating husband may not make a complete recovery.

Further detail leading up to the attack tells of the afflicted man’s wife tricking her husband into removing his trousers by pretending that she wanted to perform a sex act on him.

But before she began, she produced a box cutter and started slashing at his genitals.

Somchai then started pouring with blood and began screaming prompting his wife to call an ambulance.

The woman went to the hospital with him and the man is also said to be suffering from severe psychological trauma.

Thai police are waiting for the man to recover before questioning him about the attack.

Thai wife slashes cheating husband’s penis off

Of note, a report via the guardian noted, that a scorned wife chopping off her husband’s penis is not so rare in Thailand. With reports that every 10 years or so, the medical profession reviews the myriad penile amputation cases that have occur.

In 1983, the American Journal of Surgery did a full-blown study on what it referred to as an “epidemic” of mutilated penises. Noted the study:

It became fashionable in the decade after 1970 for the humiliated Thai wife to wait until her [philandering] husband fell asleep so that she could quickly sever his penis with a kitchen knife. A traditional Thai home is elevated on pilings and the windows are open to allow for ventilation. The area under the house is the home of the family pigs, chickens, and ducks. Thus, it is quite usual that an amputated penis is tossed out of an open window, where it may be captured by a duck.

Since news of the heinous act commentators on the web have been divided, with some, defending the Thai wife, saying the husband deserved it, as the wife sought to protect her honor, whilst others condemn her actions, pointing out the double standard had the genders been reversed whilst others pointed out the attack as another example of the abuse of men’s rights.

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