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Sarah McClure sues University of Kansas: They did nothing after I was raped

Sarah McClure
Pictured Sarah McClure
Sarah McClure
Pictured Sarah McClure

Sarah McClure sues University of Kansas: A former school rower faults her former school for failing to adequately address sexual abuse against her and fellow females.

Student Sarah McClure, 19, has launched a class action lawsuit against the University of Kansas after being sexually assaulted last August by a member of the the school football team, alleging the school ‘did nothing for months’ after reporting the assault to both police and school officials.

To date no arrests or charges have been made by police or prosecutors after the University of Kansas rower reported being raped in her dorm room.

The indictment against the school comes after the student who’d previously only been known as Jane Doe VII, decided to publicly come out in a video (see below) and bring focus to what she perceives as the the countrywide problem of rampant sexual assault on campus. Abuse and behavior that McClure argues school officials did little to dissuade, stem or punish.

Sarah McClure’s lawsuit joins that of another female rower’s class action suit against the school, filed in April, in which Daisy Tackett and her parents accused the school of dragging its heels.

Of note, in both instances, both women identified the same man as their attacker, yet according to both women, little was done despite their protestations.

Sarah McClure’s joint class acton lawsuit agains the University of Kansas comes off the heels of a recent lenient sentencing of star Stanford University swimmer, Brock Turner who only received a shocking 6 month sentence (since reduced to 4 months) after being found guilty of raping an unconscious 23 year old female student on campus.

That decision in turn led to fissure and claims of flagrant disregard of women’s rights and ostensibly conferred a culture of rape with impunity.

While the University of Kansas ultimately expelled the athlete accused of sexually assaulting Sarah McClure and Tackett, both women maintain the school dragged its feet, adding to the hostility that came their way after their accusations were met with derision.

Told McClure in a press conference along with her father, Jim, after filing class action suit on Thursday via the Kansas City Star: ‘I struggled every day. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t leave my dorm room. I stayed inside with a chair under my doorknob because I felt so unsafe.’

Shockingly in her suit, McClure accuses the school of failing to protect her from intimidation while allowing her rowing coaches to retaliate against her.

Sarah McClure

Speaking to reporters, Jim McClure said his daughter was speaking out because she is back home in suburban Chicago and wasn’t expected to face retaliation.

Responding to the suit, the university insists it met its obligation to investigate the sexual assault claims, despite McClure’s claims that the school had previously told her that ‘it quickly takes action to support the person who came forward.’

Told the student in a video she released on Tuesday: ‘What amazes me is that KU still has the audacity to make that statement after what has come to light.’

Added the father: ‘My daughter has been going through a living nightmare,’ alluding to his daughter going to a counselor multiple times a week in a week to help in her healing process.

McClure’s father told his daughter does not intend to go back to KU in the fall, but does intend to finish her education elsewhere.

Sarah McClure’s suit, like the one filed by Daisy Tackett’s parents claims that KU misled students by saying that campus housing is safe, while the university maintains both women have no standing to sue because they are not current students.

According to the nydailynews, the suits against KU join the dozens that led to federal Department of Education investigations into colleges and universities’ response — or lack of response — to allegations of rape and sexual assault.

A tool from The Chronicle of Higher Education lists 249 active Title IX investigations at schools across the country.

Sarah McClure
Pictured, Daisy Tackett.

Sarah McClure

Sarah McClure

Sarah McClure
Both young women claim their rapes happened at the Jayhawker Towers apartment on campus (pictured above).
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  • John_Sellers

    I don’t know anything about the situation first hand. But the fact that the school would claim that she doesn’t have standing because she is not a student makes it manifest that their interest is to avoid their responsibilities rather than seek justice.

    A University should epitomize the best standards of moral and ethics, and clearly they don’t past the test.