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NSFW: Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos made public

Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos
Pictured, Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos
Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos
Pictured, Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos

Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos: A Pretoria High Court judge allowed the release of graphic images of former gold medal winner Oscar Pistorius’ victim on the night of her murder.

In what perhaps may have served to seal the fate of South Africa’s disgraced former star Paralympian sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, Pretoria High Court Judge Thokozile Masipa agreed to allow the release of graphic photos (see below) of his slain victim, Reeva Steenkamp.

Photos of Reeva Steenkamp dead body at the crime scene show the gunshot riddled former model in a harrowing light as her parents had urged for the ‘world to see’ the pain her former live in lover had brought.

Told Reeva Steenkamp’s father, Barry: ‘I want the world to see. I want the world to see the photos of the wounds inflicted on her,’

‘To know my daughter’s pain. To know what her last few seconds were like, so that this is stopped — so that others do not have to go through this ever.’

In photos released, graphic images show the 29 year old shot in the head, elbow and hip as she had cowered behind a toilet door at the runner’s house three years ago.

At the time, Pistorius shot Steenkamp with three military-grade Black Talon bullets that are designed to expand upon impact, wreaking devastating damage to the flesh it strikes.

In his defense, Pistorius argued that he had believed an intruder to be in the bathroom.

The decision to show the images comes during Oscar Pistorius murder sentencing after having previously been found guilty of the murder of his ex.

Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos

Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos

In a bid to claim some kind of leniency, Blade Runner, as the athlete had once been known teetered on his stumps in the courtroom. Having taken off his prosthetics, the disgraced former star athlete stood before the court appealing to their good will. 

‘It is three o’clock in the morning, it is dark, he is on his stumps,’ his attorney, Barry Roux, said in court, stressing the vulnerability of his disabled client.

Continued the lawyer: ‘His balance is seriously compromised and… he would not be able to defend himself. He was anxious, he was frightened…He believed the person in the toilet was an intruder and deceased was at the time in the bed.’

‘He knew there was someone behind the door,’ prosecutor Gerrie Nel said during the resentencing. ‘Using a lethal weapon, a loaded firearm, the accused fired not one but four shots to the toilet door. He failed to provide any acceptable version for his conduct.’

Pistorius, a six-time Paralympic-gold medalist who, in 2012, became the first amputee sprinter to compete in the Olympics, was previously convicted of manslaughter, but the conviction was overturned and upgraded to murder. He had served one year in prison on the manslaughter conviction before being released to house arrest.

During the new trial, prosecutors sought to have Oscar Pistorius serve a minimum of 15 years jail, while the disgraced athlete’s attorney argued there was no purpose in sending Pistorius to prison, instead asking for community service.

Judge Thokozile Masipa is expected to serve Pistorius his new sentenced on July 6, 2016.

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Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos  Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos

Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos

Reeva Steenkamp dead body photos