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Jonisia Morris robs man while performing oral sex

Jonisia Morris
Pictured Jonisia Morris. Also a preferred hawt bixch.
Jonisia Morris
Pictured Jonisia Morris. Also a preferred hawt bixch. Nashville Police Booking photo.

How Jonisia Morris a Nashville, Tennessee came to prey on an unsuspecting ‘male companion’ when she stole his debit card while in act of intimacy.

Jonisia Morris a 25 year old Nashville, Tennessee woman has been arrested after robbing a man while performing oral sex on him in his car.

Morris’ entry into perpetual tabloid fodder according to an arrest report comes after the woman snatched her male victim’s debit card while performing sex on the man inside a parked car along Nashville.

Jonisia Morris arrest report specifies the assailant was ‘performing oral sex on the victim while sitting in a car located at the Clarion Hotel’ when she removed the man’s debit card from his pants pocket.

After removing the card, she allegedly hid it under the passenger seat and placed the wallet back in the man’s pocket without him noticing according to a report via kutv.

Shortly after her heist, Morris used the debit card at a local gas station where she purchased fuel and other items.

At the time of her arrest, Jonisia Morris admitted to police that she was responsible for other debit card thefts in the area.

A report via the nydailynews tell of our collective hero now facing charges of theft, fraudulent use of a credit card and indecent exposure following the incident. Police noted in the report that she ‘reasonably expected the act would be viewed by another‘ leading to the charge of indecent exposure.

Not necessarily understood is how Jonisia Morris and her male companion came to be in the parked car and how Morris also came to rob other males of their credit card in the area?

She was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

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    Buck or sow? Did “Jonisia” spit or swallow?

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    She must have been doing a great job