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Did Farrah Abraham sexualize her seven year old daughter in bikini make up shoot?

Farrah Abraham daughter
Pictured, Farrah Abraham daughter, Sophia.
Farrah Abraham daughter
Pictured, Farrah Abraham daughter, Sophia.

Farrah Abraham daughter: Did a reality star mother go too far in images posted on social media or is criticism reflective of slut shaming of female norms?

Reality star of Teen Mom OG star fame, Farrah Abraham has come in for an avalanche of criticism after the 25 year old single mother and adult actress’ decision to have her 7 year old daughter, Sophia Abraham dressed up in a bikini and make up for a photo shoot.

The shoot sees the Farrah Abraham’s daughter appearing way beyond her seven years of age, as she gazes ‘seductively’ into the camera with primed up make up and blush lipstick.

Posted eager happy to go single mom over the weekend: ‘Happy #sunday @rlsmodelsphotography God gave me an extraordinary young lady @sophialabraham I’m so blessed — excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophias life journey #blessed #beauty #photography.’

The new set of images have led to followers on Farrah Abraham’s brimming 632 000 instagram account and nearly 1.2 million twitter followers lambasting the mother, including one commentator who said:

‘What the hell is wrong with you Farrah? I hope child services takes Sophia. You are a horrible horrible mother!’

Other choice comments included: ‘Did anyone seriously think this $20 whore was going to be a good Mother and role model? If so, you are dumber than her.’

While one concerned mom wrote: ‘You are making her like your trophy maybe coz you have image issues of your own? This is not parenting at all, she should be having a normal childhood! My 5 year old is off running a muck, living her childhood through because that’s the joys of parenting is watching what your child enjoys doing! Your daughter is going to soon start worrying about what she eats that’ll make her fat, what she wears because it’s not ‘trendy’ or what she weighs! I was a teen mum and so no one can blame your age for your parenting. Your just an idiot that’s all about money and fame.’

Farrah Abraham daughter

That said not everyone was necessarily ticked off by the shoot, with one commentator writing:

‘Ok so I totally dislike Farrah but why is everyone so upset about a kid in a swimsuit. Have y’all ever gone to a beach? A pool? Do y’all yell at these moms too?’

While another defender said: ‘There is nothing wrong with this pic …everyone puts pic of there children on social media..wth only you ppl with evil minded would go there in the first place.’

Of note, this isn’t the mother’s first time of using her daughter in contentious photo settings, with previous reports telling of the mother (who interestingly concedes of being physically abused by her own parents growing up) showing her infant daughter at a park while on a pole. Infer from that as you will.

A previous posting earlier in the year, led to the single mother being slammed for sharing a pic of Sophia in Hawaii wearing a coconut bra and grass skirt, but by comparison,

The latest shoot comes as Farrah Abraham continues to push her daughter towards acting and modeling.

The images (perhaps non coincidentally) come ahead of a new season of Teen Mom OG in August in which Farrah Abraham will once again be featured in, along with daughter Sophia.

#mommanager #behindthescenes @sophialabraham #supermodel shoots are going so awesome today! #Orlando #Florida #sophia

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