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‘He couldn’t stop laughing’ Brandon Vandenburg guilty in Vanderbilt rape of unconscious girlfriend

Brandon Vandenburg guilty
Brandon Vandenburg guilty
Pictured Brandon Vandenburg at the time of his guilty verdict rendered Saturday evening.

Brandon Vandenburg guilty in Vanderbilt rape of unconscious girlfriend. Court finds elite student criminally liable in orchestrating sexual abuse of woman he was dating for two weeks.

Brandon Vandenburg a former Vanderbilt University football player has been found guilty of orchestrating a gang rape of his girlfriend in his dorm room.

In less than four hours of deliberation, a Nashville jury, Saturday evening, found Brandon Vandenburg guilty on all criminal charges against him for his role of facilitating/encouraging and filming the raping an unconscious 21 year old woman three years ago.

The former student now faces the potential of a 25 year prison sentence after being found guilty of multiple counts of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery.

The football player was also convicted of one count of unlawful photography.

The verdict comes after Vandenburg and his former teammate Cory Batey were convicted last year, only to have the verdicts thrown out after it was revealed that a juror had not disclosed that he had been a victim of statutory rape.

Brandon Vandenburg guilty
Images provided by Vanderbilt University show from left: Cory Batey, 19, of Nashville, Tenn.; Brandon Vandenburg, 20, of Indio, Calif.; Brandon Banks, 19, of Brandywine, Md.; and Jaborian “Tip” McKenzie, 19, of Woodville, Miss.

Vandenburg’s fate was likely sealed when co defendant, Jaborian (Tip) McKenzie wrapped up his testimony describing the 23-year-old as the appalling assault’s ringleader, according to WKRN-TV.

McKenzie said Vandenburg ‘made sure he was in control’ of the assault, despite physically not getting involved in his then girlfriend’s sexual assault.

Pursuant to the rendering of the verdict, Assistant District Attorney General Jan Norman praised the victim for enduring the case, which he told ‘was unlike any other.’ The case has lasted through three trials over nearly three years and innumerable media headlines.

‘All of this doesn’t happen very often,’ Norman said. ‘It doesn’t happen to a rape victim. The media scrutiny and having it in the headlines every single time that there’s a hearing and everything is streamed and people are commenting. She is one of the strongest people that I know. She has incredible courage. She is just an amazing, intelligent young woman.’

At the time of his guilty verdict being read, video footage via WSMV showed Brandon Vandenburg shaking in disbelief, the man’s mother crying uncontrollably nearby.

During trial proceedings, jurors were asked to decide whether to hold Vandenburg criminally responsible for what other players were accused of doing to the female student in a dorm room in June of 2013.

At the time, along with Vandenburg, four former players were all charged, with only two being accused of raping and sexually assaulting the woman.

Brandenburg’s victim only recollection of the night was drinking a blue drink Vandenburg served her and waking up disheveled the following day, she said. Vandenburg, who had been dating the victim for about two weeks at the time of the assault, told the woman he took her to his room to take care of her after she drank too much.

The victim only learned of her assault after investigators told her of the graphic photos and videos that were found on Vandenburg’s phone after video had begun to circulate.

Of great disconcert was the sound of Brandenberg laughing uncontrollably in the background of the video.

Brandon Vandenburg guilty

Going into trial, Vandenburg’s attorneys argued that he was too drunk to form the necessary intent to direct or encourage players he didn’t even know to commit the crime.

The defense had maintained that Vandenburg was a newly-arrived recruit to the Nashville school and had asked teammates outside the dorm to help him carry the unconscious woman into his room after he couldn’t get her into her apartment.

Vandenburg’s lawyers told jurors that the other players were on the woman as soon as they got her in the room.

Offered defense attorney, Randy Reagan‘Mr Vandenburg maybe could have stopped it,’

‘But the state is asking you to find Mr Vandenburg criminally responsible for the actions of people he didn’t know minutes before all this happened.’ 

For their part, prosecutors portrayed Brandon Vandenburg as an instigator who betrayed a woman who trusted him by plying her with alcohol and encouraging others to violate her.

Prosecutors said Vandenburg passed out condoms to the other players and then took videos of the crime and sent it to friends as it was happening.

Batey was retried in April and found guilty of aggravated rape and other charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced in July.

Two other players have yet to be tried and are not currently scheduled to go to trial. 

Lawyer Randall Reagan has since told that there would be an appeal in the guilty verdict of Brandon Vandenburg.

The retrial comes amid the furore of what many considered to be the lax six-month sentence, former Stanford University swimmer, Brock Turner was given for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and contentions that school administrator’s and the legal system’s unresponsive attitude towards a culture of rape on campus at the hands of untouchable sporting jocks.

Of note, Turner, 20, is expected to be released from the county jail after serving only half of his prescribed six month sentence in early September.

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  • sandersdogman

    College athletes are scum.

  • Mary Smith

    Listen…It’s hard to get into the mind of someone like Vandenburg until you understand the dynamics between him and his father. I am SURE that one of the things – if not THE most important thing – going thru his mind when orchestrating the assault was that he wanted to show Daddee the videos later and brag to him how he got away with the violation. You see, Daddee was the one who taught him to do such things AND TO BE PROUD OF SUCH A THING. Daddee , himself, is known for his assaults on women in the Palm Springs area; and, it is well known that he introduced son to porn, prostitutes and to date -rape drugs; son already bragged, to Miles Finley, that he’d successfully used such drugs while still residing in the Coachella Valley area.

    The last thing the victim remembers was the”blue drink” at the bar. The Prosecution argued it was spiked with a date – rape drug slipped by Vandenberg. No doubt, this was true.

    Brandon was orchestrating this assault to share with Daddee because he knew Daddee would be proud of what he’d gotten away with.

    THIS is the familial culture from which Brandon came. It is a very sick and perverted culture, and probably one that Vandenberg could have kept hidden because of his prowess in sports. However, the “guidance” and “teaching” of his father proved to have been an overwhelmingly strong factor in Brandon’s life, and his desire to make his father proud of him led him to emulate , and bask in, the treachery that father had been modelling to him for many years of his young life.

    In Brandon’s mind, what was happening was not a violation but amusement. We know this is how Vandenburg was thinking because the other rapists testified that Brandon “could not stop laughing.” This concept – humiliating a female as a source of amusement – had been well honed into him for years by Daddee. Son was just carrying out with what Daddee had taught him while he was under Daddee’s roof.

    (“And why shouldn’t I be proud of it?” Brandon probably thought to himself.)

  • vera

    Vandenberg comes from a father who is known to be sexually immoral, keep porn, and who gave a prostitute to his son for his 14th birthday. This is what witnesses say re: Rod Vandenberg, father. Brandon is a liar: Witnesses say he was already getting drunk in HS;He bragged he raped a girl in HS using a date rape drug and that he flushed condoms down the toilet to destroy evidence.Thus, his same “advice”to the gang rapists. Hence, he lies when saying alcohol was new to him. Brandon was found guilty of assaulting a security officer at his bros’ school months before this incident. His HS coach kicked him off the team for bad attitude. He is a rude, self-important, ill-mannered jock who thought the whole event was simply hilarious. This so-called, self-proclaimed Christian is NOT one; there was no church-going in Daddee’s sexualized environ. Dad was accused of raping his (ex)wife. The filth of the father is visited upon the son and their sin is now full- circle, full- blown. The sexualized, promiscuous son is the result of Dad’s teaching and life model. Dad will stand before GOD one day and give an account. Brandon acts incredulous, saying he is being ‘railroaded”; hey- the only railroading was done by HIM carrying an unconscious woman from a car to HIS dorm, “serving her up”, in the words of DA Jan Norman , to other men, videotaping the assault on HIS phone in HIS dorm. There is a Spanish proverb:”Mejor una vez rojo que cien veces amarrillo”: “Better one time red than 100x’s yellow”. Yellow is the color of the HS and beyond, drunken, carousing Vandenberg: yellow is the color of the arrogant , bullying Vandenberg who pulls off the sunglasses of a school security guard when asked to ID himself at his bros’ school; yellow is the color of Vandenberg who tells a reporter he is being “railroaded” and “did nothing wrong”. Yellow yesterday, yellow today, yellow tomorrow: the very, very yellow Rod and Brandon Vandenbergs.

  • ChuSez

    Great point, Sarah. Our society is sick.

  • Sara

    I read an article about the rape and disrespect to a woman and her being treated like a piece of flesh and how wrong that is.. Then I scroll down to see an article about yoga with a shot of a woman’s private area.. Followed by three more articles with pictures of women’s breasts just out and about. So tell me why there are men out there that think it’s ok to rape and treat women like a piece of meat, I will tell you why, all media portrays women as such so therefore men grow up already viewing us as such. So stop shoving such images down are throats and maybe just maybe we might be treated with respect.

  • Doc2222

    I bet he won’t be laughing uncontrollably too often from here on out. Some of his Big Bubba cellmates might, but him? Not so much….squealing like a pig will probably be his new hobby.