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9 hour threesome: St. Charles Parish school, Shelley Dufresne, Rachel Respess sued by 16yr old victim

St Charles Parish school lawsuit
St Charles Parish school lawsuit: pictured
St Charles Parish school lawsuit
St Charles Parish school lawsuit: pictured Shelley Dufresne, aged 32 Rachel Respess, 24.

St Charles Parish school lawsuit: Does a suit against a school system and two former English school teachers have merit? 

The parents of unnamed then 16 year old Louisiana student have sued their son’s former school district, the St. Charles Parish public school system, along with two teachers, Shelley Dufresne, Rachel Respess, whom they accuse of sleeping with their son.

The suit comes after a September 12, 2014 incident in which the youth was ‘subjected’ to a 9 hour threesome with the Destrehan High school English school teachers at one of the teacher’s apartment after being picked up from a Friday night football match.

News of the suit comes via a report via The Times-Picayune late last week, despite the suit being launched on August 11 in a Louisiana court room last year. How or why news of the lawsuit failed to make the media rounds until now is yet to be necessarily understood. Not necessarily disclosed is if the participants are amidst trial proceedings?

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St Charles Parish school lawsuit
Pictured Shelley Dufresne

The suit brings forward new details that hadn’t previously disclosed, including allegations that the ‘sleep-over’ went on over the course of 9 hours (starting 9pm and ending 6am) and that the unnamed youth had before the ‘sleepover’ taken place slept with the youth no less than 40 times in 36 days.

The suit comes lieu of Louisiana state laws mandating that the age of consent merits the age of 17 before consensual sex can take place with any person older than two years age difference.

According to the suit, Dufresne was the instigator, with the illicit liaison first taking hold when the teacher allegedly started flirting with the student in class constantly, including once kissing him in the classroom.

According to the suit, things first took hold when, ‘one day when he was out sick,’ the English teacher texted the unnamed youth, believed to now be 18. That text led to a relationship which budded into a very intense, star-crossed romance, notes a report via the dailycaller.

St Charles Parish school lawsuit
Respass (left and right) is a a Destrehan graduate who has been teaching English at the school for more than a year

According to the suit, on the night of the special sleepover, the local football team had won and it was Dufresne’s birthday, with a second teacher, Respess suggesting that the trio go to her apartment to ‘celebrate’.

Instead of telling school officials after discovering of her fellow school teacher, Dufresne’s extra-curricular activities, the suit claims, Respess also wanted in and proceeded that Friday evening to seduce the victim.

The suit also tells of Dufresene then ‘beginning to intimately kiss’ Respess, ‘in an attempt to arouse all parties involved,’ which of course is exactly what happened, according to the youth.

It wasn’t until the teen started ‘bragging’ about the incident that the teachers were questioned and then arrested.

During a string of court appearances in the nearly two years since the incident took place, Dufresne admitted to having sex with the student at the home she shared with her husband and her three children, leading to her accepting a plea deal for the charge of ‘obscenity‘, admitting to having “consensual sexual intercourse with a juvenile” at her home.

The deal required Dufresne having to ‘spend 90 days at an inpatient mental health facility, serve three years of active probation and pay a $1,000 fine.’ She also had to give up her teaching license, but she would not have to serve any jail time nor register as a sex offender.

St Charles Parish school lawsuit
Pictured Rachel Respess

Interestingly Respess  was only charged with“failing to report the commission of a felony.’

That despite both teachers acknowledging they were with the boy, with the lesser charge sticking presumably because prosecutors don’t believe that they can prove that Respess participated in the sex with Dufresne and the boy, just that she knew it was happening. Of course one can’t help but wonder if authorities wouldn’t have tried harder to prove that Respess had taken liberties had the genders being reversed?

The suit claims that Dufresne took to social media to criticize the male student who was already a victim of a two-teacher threesome. These social media comments caused the student ’embarrassment and humiliation,’ according to the lawsuit.

The suit also claims that unspecified prior incidents show the School Board didn’t adequately screen, train and supervise Dufresne and Respess. It says the board failed to enact and enforce policies to protect students and didn’t train teachers to recognize and report inappropriate behavior between teachers and students.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and reputational damage resulting from the multitude of sexual dalliances and the threesome.

School district officials have refused to comment on the lawsuit, while debate continues to foster as to whether the parents have gone too far, whether the school couldn’t have never controlled the after hours behavior of the teachers and whether had the genders been reversed, both teachers by now would have already been starring at 15-25 year jail sentences….

St Charles Parish school lawsuit1
Pictured, Shelley Dufresne (left) in her yearbook and Rachel Respess.
St Charles Parish school lawsuit
Pictured Shelley Dufresne