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South Fort Myers sex scandal: William Scott arrested filming teen girl having sex in school bathroom

South Fort Myers sex scandal
South Fort Myers sex scandal
Pictured, William Scott.

South Fort Myers sex scandal: Authorities make a first arrest after a dozen more teens participated in the sexual assault of a vulnerable 15 year old girl.

Florida authorities have made their first arrest in the South Fort Myers sex scandal case where a 15 year old girl was filmed having sex with up to a dozen students.

Arrested was William Scott, a 16 year old star teen with Lee County authorities telling that the school student was indicted after filming the episode and since charged with cruelty toward a child, allowing a child to engage in a sexual act and possession of obscene material.

A report via wzvn-tv told of Scott, a star football player, being a junior at the school where the incident took place, known to be one of the best high school running backs in Southwest Florida.

He played for Bishop Verot for two seasons and was expected to suit up this fall at South Fort Myers. During the 2015 season, the youth was suspended for two games while still managing to run for nearly 1,500 yards in eight games.

Reacting to news of the teen’s arrest, district spokeswoman Jennifer DeShazo told via the News-Press of Fort Myers: ‘Today’s events are not a reflection of the football team in any way and should not be portrayed as such.’

The teen’s arrest comes after Lee County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation after a 15-year-old girl was filmed having sex with several students, many of them in the school football team at a school bathroom last week. Images and videos were shared across social media platforms.

The incident led to the girl’s mother saying her daughter was a victim of human trafficking who’d recently been rescued. The case in turn led to the Department of Children and Families opening an investigation.

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While Lee County School District said 16 students were disciplined, only Scott to date has been charged with a crime. Investigators say the girl and her parents declined to press charges against the boys involved in the encounter.

Told Sheriff Mike Scott: While it is regrettable that this incident occurred in the first place, we are always committed to holding everyone responsible for their actions.’

Offered parent Thomas Thayer, whose daughter is a high school freshman: ‘I know there’s a lot of problems with professional athletes and this is where it starts, right here. This is the kind of stuff that if someone does nothing about it, it keeps on going.’

Adding: I’m thinking it can happen in any school. I’m glad it wasn’t my daughter and I know it can happen in any school around here. Thats the way our country is. A lot of the athletes get by. And they shouldn’t get by with something like that.’

The incident led to advocacy leaders saying the teen girl acquiescing to the sexual interlude as a result of not being equipped with coping skills.

Offered Megan Estrem, who has worked with the family before as the founder of a sex slavery victims advocacy group called Be The Light, ‘she wasn’t equipped with the coping skills to make a stable, rational decision in that situation.’

News of the William Scott’s arrest comes after the teen’s father recently died of AIDS with the son having been seen as the family’s best hope to escape poverty.

William Scott is expected to make a first court appearance Saturday morning.

South Fort Myers sex scandal
The girl, who was kidnapped at 13 and trafficked for two years but has not been able to get treatment for the trauma, was not capable of making a rational decision, an expert said.
South Fort Myers sex scandal
CCTV footage shows as many as 25 boys entering the bathroom – although only a ‘handful’ had sex with the girl, according to a source close to her family
South Fort Myers sex scandal
South Fort Myers High School.

South Fort Myers sex scandal