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Mexican psychologist dies after asking roommate to strangle her during sex

Tania Trinidad Paredes
Tania Trinidad Paredes
Pictured, Tania Trinidad Paredes.

What led to Tania Trinidad Paredes dying? A case of rough sex going overboard as one couple explored the bounds of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Tania Trinidad Paredes a 23 year old Mexico City psychologist graduate has died after asking her roommate to slap and strangle her with a cable during ‘rough sex’.

Upon discovery of the woman’s death, Juan Javier Jonathan Ruiz Torres, 32 was arrested and charged with Paredes’ murder at their Tlalpan district home.

Questioned, Ruiz Torres, a journalist, denied raping Tania Trinidad Paredes, telling detectives that the woman died accidentally whilst they were having sex.

At the time, on the evening of April 21st, the man told he had been drinking with the victim and another roommate, Jose Luis Arzate Martinez, whom Paredes had relations with, when she suggested a threesome.

Torres told police that Arzate Martinez refused and went to bed, with Paredes suggesting a rough sex session with him.

Told the chief suspect: ‘During the act, she asked me to squeeze her neck and slap her because she liked violent sex.’

Torres said he throttled her with a cable but must have overdone it because she suddenly collapsed.

According to the dailymail a post mortem examination found the cause of death was asphyxiation and her neck bones had been broken.

Local media tells Torres initially denied having anything to do with Tania Trinidad Paredes’ death only to later come up with the rough sex confession after being interrogated.

The Zocalo news website said they were analyzing cell phones and social networks in a bid to check what sort of relationship Torres had with Paredes prior to the incident last month.

The investigation is still ongoing and Torres has not been charged.

According to a report via vice, autoerotic asphyxiation has gained increasing popularity by those who enjoy the thrill of being dominated by others or enjoying the sensation of oxygen being cut off from the brain, which serves to heighten the intensity of an orgasm.

That said, the pursuit can lead to negative side effects, including fatality from cardiac arrest, and permanent brain damage and even a snapped neck.

Tania Trinidad Paredes