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Fair sentence? Mexican man kills friend, feeds penis to dog gets 8 years jail

Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes sentencing
Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes sentencing
Pictured Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes.

Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes sentencing: Did one man receive an appropriate punishment after exacting heinous revenge?

Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes of Juarez, Mexico has been sentenced to eight years jail after killing a friend who tried molesting him and then cutting off the man’s penis and feeding it to his dog.

The sentence announced in the state of Chihuahua on Friday comes after an incident two years ago which saw a then 25 year old enraged Reyes murder the man in a drunken rage.

Why did Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes kill his best friend and feed his chopped off penis to his dog?

According to a report via El Paso Times, Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes was walking his dog in 2014 with his buddy, Mario Hernandez Banda, when the pair got into a dispute.

Banda allegedly tried to touch Reyes ‘in a sexual way’ and then went into an alley to urinate.

Told Reyes during a televised 2014 confession: ‘I followed him, pulled out my gun and shot him in the head,’

‘I then took his knife off him and chopped off his penis as punishment and put it in a bag.’

At the time, the murdered man’s dog was sniffing around the body, so Reyes went ahead and let him eat the detached genitalia.

The next day, he sobered up and turned himself in.

‘He came in covered in cuts and bruises, and said he had fought with his stepfather when he told him what he had done,’ according to police spokesman.

‘He then admitting killing his best friend and said that although his friend had tried sexually assaulting him, he was still a human being and didn’t deserve to die.’

During arraignment, Reyes would denounce his stepfather who allegedly sexually abused his brothers with the help of his mother and sister who had tried to kill him.

The sentencing has caused disconcert, as local news reports told of Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes facing up to life in prison for the killing and mutilation.

Many commentators have argued that Reyes should haven’t to serve any jail as he was protecting himself from the threat of sexual subjugation, whilst others wondered why Reyes followed the man and brutally killed him rather than having simply left?

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder, see what you think?

It doesn’t make sense that he would be so repulsed by such advances, then proceed handle and cut off another man’s junk – what straight guy does that? I believe it was Reyes who made the sexual advances, then killed Banda when he was rebuffed by him. His story doesn’t pass the smell test to me.

Clearly you’ve never read or seen photos from Mexican gangs in Mexico. That’s a normal tactic, and often it’s shoved into the dead persons mouth if they’ve done someone wrong. He was obviously repulsed by the man making an advance, and he felt he had control once the man was dead. He didn’t just want him dead, he took his manhood from him.

Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes sentencing

Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes sentencing