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‘Will Jesus forgive me?’ Kelly Aldinger teacher has sex with student at cemetery in broad daylight

Kelly Aldinger
Kelly Aldinger
Pictured Kelly Aldinger.

What led to Kelly Aldinger a substitute teacher and local church leader abusing her position of authority and trust when she preyed on a teen student?

Kelly Aldinger a 49 year old married Leigh Valley, Pennsylvania substitute teacher has been arrested after the woman who doubles as a local church leader was observed having carnal relations with a 17 year old student at a cemetery. In broad daylight.

According to police records, the woman was booked circa 1pm on May 6th, when a police patrol officer noticed the pair in her Chevrolet Equinox parked directly outside a cemetery off Seventh Street.

The incident led to Kelly Aldinger, who was at the time teaching at Easton High School being charged with institutional sex assault.

A police report revealed Aldinger telling being physically involved with the teen student for months.

Nevertheless because the teen was older than the age of consent, 16, Aldinger was spared statutory rape charges.

Arraigned Tuesday morning the married substitute teacher was sent to Northampton County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail pending a hearing on May 31st. 

If convicted, Aldinger faces up to seven years in prison.

According to a report via Leigh Valley Live, Kelly Aldinger began her illicit liaison with the teen student in 2015 when the boy was in middle school when he was 16. At one point, the unnamed boy was Aldinger’s student many years ago when she first met him.

Reacting to the woman’s arrest, Aldinger’s employer, Source4Teachers issued a statement which described the teacher being suspended indefinitely.

Offered Source 4 Teachers spokesman Owen Murphy: The safety of students is always Source 4 Teachers’ top priority.

‘We are cooperating with the district and law enforcement to provide any necessary information or assistance they need to perform their investigation and resolve this matter.’

The school district also said they have launched an investigation into what happened.  

Kelly Aldinger
Kelly Aldinger appearing in court. Image via Fox.

According to reports, Kelly Aldinger had previously headed a Palmer Township church’s council. At the time, the local church leader served as the council’s president as recently as last fall at St. Paul’s III Lutheran Church.

She has at least one child and has a husband. It is not known whether they are still living together.

At present officials have not necessarily understood what compelled the teacher and church leader to abuse her position of authority and trust upon choosing to prey on the former student.

Equally not understood is why the woman chose to physically engage with the student at the local cemetery, especially while the chances of being caught were presumably high. Unless of course Aldinger in all likelihood considered the gesture leading to her arrest and imminent redemption…?

Since Aldinger’s arrest, Cemetery Superintendent Jeff Mutchler said the cemetery is installing surveillance cameras that he hopes will deter people from causing trouble in the cemetery. Indeed.

Kelly Aldinger
Cemetery where Kelly Aldinger was caught.

Kelly Aldinger