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Hot vagina prank video: Brad Holmes rubs chilli on girlfriend’s tampon, internet goes nuts

Hot vagina prank
hot vagina prank
How did this video come to unsettle the internet? Pictured Jenny Davies via youtube screen shot.

How the hot vagina prank video came to unsettle the internet. Normalizing abuse and censoring controversy. 

Making entry into tabloid fodder is a the hot vagina prank video which since been shared has gone viral- both for its seemingly ‘funny’ aspects of humiliating a young woman, along with society’s morbid fascination with pain- of others.

The video (see below) comes courtesy of known UK prankster, Brad Holmes who has since become the abject fascination of certain young men, while also becoming the scourge of women the world over along with a series of media outlets who have thought twice about sharing the video and have since taken it down.

A bit of background information courtesy of the bbc describes the pair having racked up infamous acclaim for pranking each other (and presumably profiting rather well) when said videos are then caught on video and shared. Of course it would only be a matter of time that one half of the pranking team came up with a prank that would surely top all other pranks, hence naturally the hot vagina prank video.

Enter the voice of Brad Holmes at the beginning of the clip who can be seen rubbing/smearing a half eaten red chili onto the contours of an unused tampon, giddily laughing along before wrapping it back up for his unsuspecting girlfriend, who at that time of the month has personal hygiene needs to attend to.

Says Brad: ‘It’s Jen’s time of the month so I’m going to play a little trick on her,’

‘I’m going to rub this chilli on to this tampon and see what happens.’

Jenny Davies is then filmed applying the tampon, before she is once again seen exiting the bathroom and into the living room where she complains of being in ‘fire’ pain.

In the background the viewer can hear Brad Holmes snickering all along, who is perhaps unaware that he has most likely crossed a certain boundary, or perhaps all too aware and not necessarily caring as he plays dumb as his girlfriend begins to flush and ooze pain, begging for relief.

Yes pain is funny. Especially if it’s not yours. One assumes.

It isn’t until Jen is back in the bathroom with Brad’s camera filming the desperate woman flushing water on her private parts that Brad Holmes finally lets in that he has used chili on his girlfriend’s tampon.

She doesn’t take it too well, why should she? Soon after, she is seen slamming the door on her snickering (ex?) boyfriend, demanding that the man/creep take his stuff and leave. Did he?

Hot vagina prank

Hot vagina prank

Yet perhaps what has been equally telling is various media outlet’s reaction to the video, with the Huffington Post UK having since decided (after being first to run the story) to take down the video after having it on its comedy section.

Told a spokesperson: ‘A story previously in this space fell short of our editorial standards and has been removed. We regret the error.’

Presumably before the video caught flack it was perceived to be funny, but the moment it caught the scorn of females, it didn’t seem too funny after all. Something that may have caused editors at Huffpo to wince.

Granted the video probably wasn’t the wisest choice under the comedy category, (why normalize abusive behavior?) but surely as a media agent it could have chosen to stay with the video and point out the abusive pattern of the boyfriend instead? 

Also having taken down the video has been the Irish Mirror while at the time of publication other media outlets (including The Mirror in the UK, the Daily Star, the Sun and the Daily Mail) have chosen to stay with the video (alas in the world of media, one ought to get used to the idea that violence, condemnation and unpalatable behavior is its bread and butter- this is after all why most of you come to the tabloids).

That said, the video which has since ratcheted up 600,000 views on Brad Holmes’ Facebook page and youtube page has continued to stoke for the most part the ire of readers ( samples are below).

Yes we can agree what Brad Holmes did is a douche thing, but must the media also censor itself the moment the overriding general public opinion goes against such content? Isn’t the media there to report on human conduct and not to judge it?

That said, we’ve decided to run the video, not because the hot vagina prank video is particularly news worthy but for the fact that the video caused unease and controversy and to some degree hinted at misogynistic tendencies in the community- something we should never sweep under the carpet simply because we might offend our advertisers…..

Hot vagina prank
screen shot via the dailymail