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Heidi McKinney photos: Why I molested a female passenger on Alaska Airlines

Heidi McKinney
Pictured Heidi McKinney. Images via social media.

What led to Heidi McKinney an Oregon woman molesting a fellow female passenger on a recent Alaska Airlines flight and why were charges against her dropped?

Heidi McKinney a 26 year old Banks, Oregon woman has been accused with third degree sex abuse after molesting a fellow female passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Portland.

McKinney’s arrest comes after she touched her victim’s breasts and genitals without consent during flight 621 on Sunday.

According to a report via the smokinggun, Heidi F. McKinney was met by authorities upon the Alaska Airlines flight touching down at Portland’s PDX airport. It wasn’t until after authorities spoke with the woman McKinney had inappropriately touched that Heidi McKinney was arrested and booked into Multnomah County jail.

Of note, at the time of McKinney being led off the plane, a fellow female passenger tweeted, ‘Ooooh. She’s DRUNK. Can’t walk down the plane aisle drunk. Holy s**t.’

Added the user, @3hubcaps: ‘So that’s why we were stuck in the sweltering plane. She was DRUNK when Portland PD escorted her off the plane.’

Heidi McKinney
Heidi McKinney via twitter.

Heidi McKinney sentenced to house arrest for groping teen girl on plane

A report via heavy tells of Heidi F. McKinney having previous issues with public intoxication according to online court records.

On December 21, 2007, our collective hero was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving. She was later convicted of DUII.

McKinney was also convicted in 2008 of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

A report via KGW told of a ‘no complaint’ disposition being filed Monday afternoon with McKinney later released after local prosecutors decided not to pursue charges. The case has been referred to federal officials to review, where federal charges may be filed.

Not clear is why prosecutors to date, declined to pursue charges, and whether had McKinney been a man, prosecutors would have similarly excused the offender’s actions?

Not necessarily understood is why Heidi F. McKinney preyed on her victim, whether there have been other instances of inappropriate touching and what led her to believe that such action was permissible….?

Heidi McKinney
Heidi McKinney mugshot

Heidi McKinney

Heidi McKinney

Heidi McKinney

Heidi McKinney

Heidi McKinney
Heidi McKinney: ‘Why decline …?’