Home Scandal and Gossip Is the Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape coming to your TV $$creen?

Is the Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape coming to your TV $$creen?

Blac Chyna and Tyga sex tape
Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape
Pictured Blac Chyna and Tyga in a recent instagram post. Will you be watching their upcoming sex tape too?

Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape: Fact or fiction? Speculation mounts that a new Kardashian blessed sex tape might be on its way despite Chyna’s ‘objections’. 

Making the rounds is the sordid tale of a new Kardashian related sex tape, this one related to Blac Chyna and her ex Tyga.

News of the Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape bonanza comes by way of tmz which tells that an unknown entity shopping the graphic footage to news outlets and adult companies, with matching tattoos that may or may not obviously belong to Chyna and Tyga.

Yet there’s a caveat. Chyna ain’t having one piece of it. Or at least so she reckons. For now$$$.

According to the performer, reality starlet who is engaged to Rob Kardashian, the buxom femme fatale has hired lawyer, Walter Mosley whose told that legal action will be taken if the footage is released. Any playing of the video would require Black Chyna and Tyga agreeing to the public release of the tape, but that too will depend on how much any enterprising media company might reckon it’s worth to their advertisers before signing over a check to Chyna and Tyga.

While Chyna and Tyga are no longer together, the pair have firmly embedded their rising fortunes to that of the Kardashian bonanza empire, with Chyna set to marry Rob (a clever script writing add on in this seasons’ KUWTK?) and Tyga the on and off part time piece of Kylie Jenner. That when he is not dating her doppelgänger or leaking pictures of his private member.

Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape
Pictured Blac Chyna and Tyga, who since no longer being together have made peace for the sake of their toddler child.

Adding woe to the latest saga of will Blac Chyna and Tyga relent and take the money/extra public attention/opportunity to plug their next reality installment (Tyga was busy this weekend hawking memorabilia in order to pay back rent)  is the additional added script of Blac Chyna being robbed over the weekend to the tune of $200 000. So she tells us.

Yes I know, who doesn’t keep a spare $200K in the cupboard with a sign that says, ‘If you’re looking for my sex tape, keep looking sucker, but if you’re after a few hundred thousand grand, it’s under Rob’s polka dot pajamas’?

Reason/rumor has it that the purported tape came to be stolen along with $200K in cash, jewelry and other valuables. Of interesting note, the purported robbery took place with police telling there was no forced entry and with someone knowing how to get into Chyna’s home and of course in to her safe. A tall order that someone somehow managed to pull off.

The latest script notes comes after news that pimp momma and master string puller, Kris Jenner used to make sex tapes with her late husband, Robert Kardashian, which may also end up hitting your TV screens one day too….but hopefully not.

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Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape
No longer sworn enemies but ‘good friends’. Pictured Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner
Blac Chyna Tyga sex tape
New item: Blac Chyna and Rob. How has Rob taken ‘news’ of Chyna’s stolen sex tape?