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Timothy Johnson kills Judith Therianos, 52, buys waffles, returns to have sex with her corpse

Judith Therianos
Judith Therianos
Pictured Judith Therianos via facebook.

How Judith Therianos, a Maine tourist came to be murdered by a Florida man she went to the woods with to have sex with after a random meeting. 

Numbing the senses is the story of Timothy Johnson, a 25 year old, Pasco County, Florida man who has been arrested after killing 52 year old woman, Judith Therianos, using her credit card to eat at a waffle house, then returning to have sex with her corpse for hours. Bon apetit.

The arrest of Johnson comes after Judith Therianos, a mother of two and a grandmother was visiting Florida as a tourist from Maine. Her heinous death has since led to Timothy Johnson facing charges of premeditated murder after her desecrated body was found in a wooded area near the 6633 U.S. Highway 19, April 7th.

A report via WTSP told of Timothy Johnson and Judith Therianos meeting March 13th outside a local liquor store, purchasing alcohol, before then making their way to a wooded area where they engaged in physical intercourse.

Judith Therianos

According to ABC, authorities believe Johnson murdered his victim while the pair were having sex, when the tourist sought to stop, only for Timothy Johnson in turn to murder Judith Therianos.

A autopsy revealed the Maine tourist dying from blunt force trauma. Authorities speculated the grandmother was killed either during sex or immediately after Johnson resisted her overtures to stop.

But it didn’t end there.

After killing his victim, Johnson stole a credit card from Therianos, where he went to a Waffle House and ate. Satiated, the man returned and had sex with the decomposing corpse for hours.

Told Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco: ‘This is sick individual,’ said Nocco.

Deputies say the woman’s body was posed with her breasts and genitals exposed.

At the time of her reported disappearance, concerned friends of ‘Judi’ Theranios told of last seeing her with a black eye along with an older man, named Charlie. Of question is how Theranios attained the black eye?

Prior to the recovery of her body, concerned friends and relatives had set up a Facebook pageHelp find Judi Therianos.’

While commentators on the web widely condemned Johnson, many interestingly took Therianos to task for failing to exemplify moral astuteness when she chose to follow the ‘younger’ man to the woods, leading to this author wondering if some implied Therianos was wanton and ultimately responsible for her own death?

Judith Therianos