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Did Michael Goguen keep Amber Baptiste as 13 year virtual sex slave?

Michael Goguen
A case of he said she said? A case of extortion or a case of one high powered executive sexually abusing a 'sex slave.'
Michael Goguen
A case of he said she said? A case of extortion or a case of one high powered executive sexually abusing a ‘sex slave.’ Pictured Michael Goguen via linkdn and Baptiste.

Michael Goguen Amber Baptiste lawsuit: A case of sexual exploitation? Extortion? An abusive love relationship. An executive who used his powers to get his way or a case of one woman using her sexuality to get even and financial payback?

Michael Goguen a Silicon Valley venture capitalist has been sued for $40 million by a woman claiming the executive kept her as a virtual sex slave for 13 years.

The accusations has since led to Michael Goguen, a 20 year partner at Sequoia Capital (who have financed Apple, Google, Youtube, Paypal) being forced to leave the firm after allegations surfaced at the hands of Amber Laurel Baptiste.

In her lawsuit, Baptiste claims first meeting the then married executive with two children at a Texas strip club in 2001 when she was 15, after having been trafficked from Canada to America.

In filed papers, Amber Baptiste alleges Michael Goguen offering to save her from traffickers if she agreed to have sex with him.

Over the course of 13 years, Baptiste asserts the exec ‘habitually’ raping her, forcing her to call him ‘king’ or ‘emperor’ and infected her with HPV, along with sodomizing her for six hours at a time.

In 2012, Amber Baptiste was forced to have emergency surgery after Goguen sodomized her so violently that he ripped through her anal canal, causing a seven-inch tear, then ‘left her bleeding and alone on the floor of a hotel room in a foreign country… nearly hemorrhaging to death’, according to lawsuit papers.

The detail is one of many lurid allegations of torment, violence and degradation in the 26-page lawsuit filed to California’s San Mateo County Superior Court as cited by dailymail.

Michael Goguen

According to Baptiste, Goguen signed a contract to give her $40 million in exchange for her silence about the 2012 incident, but allegedly only paid $10 million, while refused to pay the rest.

Now, she is suing Goguen for breach of contract – and laying bare all her allegations against him.

Goguen, a Stanford and Cornell graduate, has denied the claims. He has counter-sued, citing claims of extortion and invasion of privacy, insisting the pair enjoyed a loving relationship.

A philanthropist, Goguen according to a report via the nypost been previously lauded for donating $2 million to fight online child pornography and sex trafficking where he lives in Montana.

Responding to the suit, Sequoia told in a statement: ‘We understand that these allegations of serious improprieties are unproven and unrelated to Sequoia. We decided that Mike’s departure was the appropriate course of action.’

Goguen’s work, including sitting on the board of more than a dozen companies, has been transferred to another partner at Sequoia.

Michael Goguen

According to the lawsuit, Goguen repeatedly asked Baptiste out for dinner when he met her in 2001, pleading to let him help her escape her traffickers.

After months of persistent requests, Baptiste allegedly agreed. 

That night, she claims, he ‘lured [her] to his hotel room under the pretenses that he needed to finish a few calls before dinner. Amber Baptiste arrived at his room to find Michael Goguen unclothed and touching himself.’

Continues the claim: ‘He immediately cornered her and insisted that she have sex with him.

‘Ms Baptiste told him she was a virgin and would not have sex with him.

‘He continued pressuring her, moving her hand to touch his penis and grinding against her leg.

‘Mr Goguen finally let her leave after she broke down in tears.’

Goguen divorced his wife, the mother of his two children, in 2001 then remarried a few months later – while allegedly pursuing Baptiste. Later that year she agreed to his ‘offer’, her lawyers claim. 

In 2006, according to the suit, the exec divorced his second wife, promising to devote himself to Baptiste.

However, he remarried just months later and had another three children – but allegedly kept them a secret from Baptiste. He later divorced his third wife.

One of the women he married was model and owner of the Naked Princess boutique, Jordana Woodland.  

Baptiste claims Goguen said she was his only sexual partner. However, when she discovered she had contracted HPV, she confronted him and he admitted he had lied. 

Michael Goguen

Meanwhile, she claims, the abuses persisted.  

Take a deep breath kids as we go over some of them:

‘Mr Goguen continued to dangle the prospect of helping Ms Baptiste out of the grip of the human traffickers in exchange for increasingly debasing acts,’ 

These ‘acts’ included ‘groveling for Goguen to masturbate on her and ejaculate in her mouth ‘causing her to choke or vomit’, according to Baptiste’s legal documents.

Almost every time, the suit claims, he would sodomize her for hours on end, feeding her alcohol and drugs to endure it. 

‘No matter how many times she cried or begged him to stop, he would demean or verbally abuse her until he was finished, only to seek forgiveness week later and repeat the cycle,’ the papers allege.

Filing counter suit, Goguen claims having an ‘enormous amount of evidence, including messages that span years and show that she pursued me romantically and professed her love, respect and appreciation for my kind and compassionate treatment of her.’

Continues the exec’s countersuit: ‘The reality is that Ms Baptiste was an exotic dancer, first looking for a payday, and later revenge,’

‘Mr Goguen was generous with Ms Baptiste and wanted to help her to have a better life. Over the years, he provided her with hundreds of thousands of dollars. This enabled her to quit her job as a “dancer” and pursue her interests without needing to worry about finances, or even having to work.’

He describes Baptiste as a Canada native who entered into a sham marriage in 2002 to get US citizenship now living in Los Angeles.

In a bid to dispel her victim image, Goguen includes four risqué photographs of Baptiste in lingerie that she allegedly sent to him in 2013.

‘In addition to her written seductions, Ms. Baptiste repeatedly sent Mr.Goguen sexually provocative and pornographic photographs of herself, unclothed or scantily clothed, in furtherance of her efforts to convince him to see her more often,’ the suit claims. 

Claim Michael Goguen’s lawyers: ‘It defies logic and common sense that an alleged victim of “rape,” “abuse,” and “sexual slavery,” would send such provocative photos to the alleged perpetrator.’ 

Addressing Baptiste’s claim that he left her to die after sodomizing her in a hotel in 2012, he claims they enjoyed a night of consensual sex, and her injury was minor.

‘Far from being “forcibly sodomized” and “left bleeding alone on the floor of a hotel room… nearly hemorrhaging to death,” the supposed [injury] was so minor that Mr. Goguen was unaware of it until Ms. Baptiste emailed him after the fact gushing about how wonderful the night was and noting that she was scheduled to have a “small surgery” that was “not a big deal”,’ he claims. 

He said she emailed him the next day saying: ‘I would never erase that night for anything. It was beautiful each and every moment. 

‘The last night together was really incredible for me. I could feel so many things moving between us that I have not felt before. Hopefully I will feel you again soon.’

Hitting back at her claim that he infected her with HPV, Goguen claims ‘it is virtually impossible to determine the source of the virus.’ 


Michael Goguen
Images that Michael Goguen has presented that Baptiste sent him after one evening of accused sodomizing.

Michael Goguen