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Laura Garrigus photos: Teacher arrested after lesbian relationship with student

Laura Garrigus
Laura Garrigus
Pictured, Laura Garrigus.

How did Laura Garrigus a North Carolina, honors biology teacher, come to sexually prey on a student in her custody?

North Carolina school teacher, Laura Hubman Garrigus, 30 was arrested on Monday after accusations of having sexual relations with a female teen student for months.

Garrigus’ arrest comes after the married Fayetteville mother of three resigned from her teaching post at Cumberland International Early College in December after reports of her illicit liaison.

According to a report via WTVD the relationship with the teen student came to an end in December after the victim reported the sexual predator to authorities.

According to WRAL-TV, the student was part of the school’s early college program, to which Garrigus was assigned.

Since her arrest, the honors biology teacher has been charged with four counts of taking indecent liberties with a student and two counts of sexual offense with a student according to Cumberland County sheriff office records.

Each charge is for a separate incident where the student and Laura Garrigus had a physical encounter.

Held on a $150 000 bail, the teacher has been mandated not to have any contact with anyone under 18, including her two sons and daughter. Of note the woman is married to a local police officer.

Remarked the shocked teacher after being barred from her own children: ‘Not even my own children?’

Retorted Judge Cheri-Siler-Mack: ‘You will not be around any child under age 18.’

Investigators indicated that the sexual relationship ‘appeared to be consensual’ and transpired off campus.

Nevertheless the teacher has been charged for breaking state laws which bars sex between a student and a teacher.

Ironically prior to her arrest, Laura Garrigus took to her Edmodo page, a social network for teachers where she posted, ‘I love teaching, I have the best kids (biological and school), super duper husband.’

Posted the teacher on Facebook in November: ‘I’m a mother. A friend. Someone’s daughter. A teacher. A wife. You can call me names and tear me down, but you won’t win. HE loves me and that’s all I need to keep fighting the fight.’

Another post read: ‘Education is my life. Always.’

A post on December 31 included the following: ‘The best way to carry out your revenge on those who hate you is to forgive them. Nothing hurts them more.’

It isn’t necessarily clear to whom the statement of revenge was aimed at?

Laura Garrigus
Laura Garrigus

Days prior to Mondays arrest, Garrigus had posted a picture of her with her husband where she wrote the following Bible quote from Luke 6:28, ‘Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.’ 

The woman’s arrest comes after revelations that she had been teaching science at the school since 2010, told Superintendent Frank Till Jr.

Offered the superintendent via the Fayetteville Observer:She was a veteran teacher.’

Of question is if the victim was a student in Garrigus’ science class and why the teacher chose to target the student?

Laura Garrigus is due back in court in March.

Images via facebook.

Laura Garrigus
Laura Garrigus Booking photo.
Laura Garrigus
Laura Garrigus

Laura Garrigus

Laura Garrigus

Laura Garrigus

Laura Garrigus

Laura Garrigus
Laura Garrigus; ‘Why decline …’