Home Scandal and Gossip Did John William Holland KMVT Idaho TV weatherman rape dinner date?

Did John William Holland KMVT Idaho TV weatherman rape dinner date?

John William Holland
John William Holland
Did KMVT Idaho TV weatherman John William Holland rape a dinner date? Thin evidence?

KMVT-TV Idaho TV weatherman John William Holland has been charged with felony rape after a dinner date claimed the man placed his hand on her throat during a violent sex attack.

In his alleged attack against the woman, the 23 year old popular TV weatherman used ‘force or violence’ to restrain his victim during Friday night’s attack.

According to a report via Times-News, the victim told the Twin Falls Police Department she met Holland for a date on Friday at a local restaurant where they had drinks. From there the woman agreed to go back to Holland’s apartment for dinner, where he is alleged to have poured the woman a heavy alcoholic drink.

Not feeling well, the woman laid on the couch where upon John Holland is alleged to have removed the woman’s underwear from under her dress.

From there, Holland’s alleged victim, claims that she told him to stop her assailant, with Holland only then starting to grab under her dress before leading her ‘to his bedroom while she was stumbling’, according to filed court documents.

Holland allegedly removed her dress and pushed her onto the bed, before throwing a wrapped condom on her chest. 

‘It was from this point on that she knew Holland was going to rape her,‘ court documents said. 

The woman told police that she threw the condom back at him and told him that ‘she did not want to do this’, to which he responded that he was ‘pro-condom’. 

Placing one hand on his victim’s throat while attacking her, the victim pleaded with the TV weatherman to stop. 

The woman said it ended when Holland got up to say he was ‘sorry to disappoint’ and that he was done.

When she told him she needed to leave, the woman said he had a concerned look on his face and that he put her underwear back in her purse saying ‘not to forget them’.  

John William Holland

Authorities obtained a search warrant and recovered physical evidence from his home after she contacted police about the incident when he left.

Responding to the charges, Chuck Peterson said during Monday’s arraignment that his client ‘adamantly denies the charge’.

‘I think this is an incredibly thin case, and we’re going to defend it,’

Adding: ‘I don’t think he’s guilty of anything.’

Holland, who goes by the name Jack on-air, has since been put on leave from the CBS affiliate.  

‘We are reviewing the information provided to us by the court about Mr Holland’s arrest and charge,‘ the station’s general manager said in a statement.

‘We take the allegations seriously, and we will follow this situation and report on it as we would any similar case.’

John William Holland

Appearing in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on Monday,  John William Holland entered a plea of not guilty. 

His bond was requested to be $50,000, but the judge reduced the amount to $10,000. 

Holland’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for February 12, and a no-contact order has been issued for the alleged victim. 

If he is found guilty, Holland could face one year to life in prison and also could pay up to $50,000 in fines. 

According to his LinkedIn page, Holland graduated from Florida State University with a Meteorology degree in May 2014. 

Shortly after graduation, he was hired by KMVT-TV to be its morning meteorologist.

On his biography section on LinkedIn, Holland, who is originally from Ohio, wrote: ‘Broadcast meteorology to me is an important responsibility. 

‘When the weather gets severe it is my job to keep the public safe and informed.’

John William Holland

John William Holland

John William Holland