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Just 10 years? Martin Trenneborg sentenced over rape abduction

Martin Trenneborg sentenced
Martin Trenneborg sentenced
Martin Trenneborg sentenced: Did one Swedish doctor receive a too lenient jail sentence after abducting a woman where he planned to hold her captive for years?

Martin Trenneborg sentenced: Would one doctor have received a graver sentence had he not come from high standing and was say a plumber?

Dr Martin Trenneborg has defied imagination after a Stockholm court sentenced the Swedish doctor to a mere ten years jail after orchestrating a ruse which saw Martin Peter Trenneborg kidnap a woman, hold her against her will and rape her repeatedly in his makeshift bunker.

The sentencing comes after Trenneborg, 38, dubbed the ‘Swedish Fritzl’ conceded to holding his victim hostage for ten days but denying he had ever raped her, leading to the man’s acquittal of rape charges against him.

Of note, the Swedish doctor told he’d been suffering a mental disorder at the time of the abduction. Never mind the fact that the building of his makeshift rape/hostage bunker was years in the making.

The bunker in which Trenneborg had kept his hostage featured electronic locks and had several rooms, a toilet and a small sound proof enclosed courtyard.

The questionably lenient sentencing comes despite the prosecutor telling that the doctor planned to hold his prisoner as his girlfriend for years.

‘I planned it all’ Martin Trenneborg Swedish doctor trial.

‘I wanted a girlfriend’ Sweden’s Fritzl drugs, rapes woman in sex dungeon

 Martin Trenneborg sentenced

In its verdict, the court told in a statement the doctor had meticulously planned the kidnapping for a long time. “Furthermore, the doctor subjected the victim to serious risks by medicating her and by keeping her locked up in very unpleasant forms in the light and soundproof bunker,”

In its delivery of its verdict, the court held that there was insufficient evidence that Trenneborg subjected the victim to sexual intercourse when she was sedated.

During testimony, the doctor’s lawyer, Mari Schaub, described his client as a lonely ‘sad and depressed person’ who wanted a partner and did not intend to hurt anyone.

Told Schaub: ‘He is a man who was mentally depressed and, when at the police station, complied with all the requests of the police. He is very much in regret of what he has done.’

When police searched the bunker they found an Ikea pine bed, a desk and a kitchen area with sink, hot plate and a fridge stocked with fresh produce.

According to a report via CNN, the woman is reported to have been handcuffed for most of the six days of her incarceration.

The verdict follows the doctor, drugging the woman with strawberries spiked with a sedative at her Stockholm home before bringing her to a purpose-built bunker in his isolated house in southern Sweden, about 340 miles away. 

His plans were foiled when he returned to the woman’s home to collect some of her property only to panic when he saw police, and from there deciding to take the woman to a police station, pretending that they were a couple, where he forced his captive to tell authorities she was fine, until authorities took her away in private and found out she had instead been abducted by the man.

Trennenborg who claims to be a member of the high-IQ club Mensa, studied medicine at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, before working as a GP in Stockholm and Kristianstad. The man is now set to begin his jail sentence.

Martin Trenneborg sentenced

Martin Trenneborg sentenced

Martin Trenneborg sentenced

Martin Trenneborg sentenced
Doctor takes woman hostage in Fritzl bunker…….drawing of the bunker
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